The Bootlegs series, volume 4

Bootlegs series volume 4 (and last)

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All On A Misty Morning
Come On / Let's Go
Golden Leaves
Here's The Good News
Roll Along Summer
Live UK Tour Audience Recordings 2005

Broken Stones
The Changingman
Time Passes
BBC Session Nov 1995

Leafy Mysteries
One Times One
Written In The Stars
You Do Something To Me
Long Hot Summer
BBC Session December 2002

The Bootlegs series, volume 3.

Becoming Like You - Live At The Steve Marriot Tribute Gig

Close To You - Acoustic
Broken Stones - Acoustic

Carnation - Paul Weller, Noel & Liam Gallagher, Steve Craddock & Damon Minchella
From The Floorboards Up - Lynchmob Remix Paper Smile - Audio Twitch Remix
Early Morning Rain - Paul & Steve Acoustic For VH1
Thinking Of You - Paul & Steve Acoustic For VH1 Wishing On A Star - Paul & Steve Acoustic For VH1 Birds - Paul & Steve Acoustic For VH1
Kosmos – Demo

(you will also dl other tracks (3 to 6) but there's a problem on it, it's unplayable.

Bootlegs series volume 3

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Remember how THEY started! The Jam's demos 1975, Fullham Studios.

Recorded - TW Studios, Fulham, London
Date - 1st March 1975

Tracks' List
  1. Walking The Dog
  2. I Will Be There
  3. Hundred Ways
  4. Forever & Always

The Who Covered (Mojo)

1. The Jam - Disguises 2. The Flaming Lips - Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere 3. The Bards - My Generation 4. Snuff - I Can't Explain 5. Fastball - The Real Me 6. The Greenhornes - Mary Anne With The Shakey Hand 7. The Litter - Substitute 8. Doleful Lions - Heinz Baked Beans 9. Pat Dinizio (of The Smithereens) - Behind Blue Eyes 10. Tommy Keene - Tattoo 11. Richard Thompson - Legal Matter 12. The Waco Brothers - Baba O'Riley 13. Lord Sitar - I Can See For Miles 14. Sandy Nelson - Pinball Wizard 15. Petra Haden - Armenia City In The Sky

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Rock et folk, article période the gift (french)

A tous les amis français qui ont un secret bien à eux, ils aiment, ils adorent les Jam et en France, c'est parfois encore meilleur, comme un jardin secret! :) Merci à Jean Chri de m'avoir filé ce trésor de guerre! :) Pour Patricia, JC, Fred, Auerfellow, N@cho, etc.

La puissance, c'est tout, c'est de puissance dont tu as besoin! :)


The Bootlegs series, volume 2


I wanna make it alright – Mtv kuttner Show 18 Oct 2005
Amongst Butterflies - Studio session track
Shadow of the sun – Live in wolverhampton
Savages - BBC 6 Hub session 21st June 06

All on a misty morning BBC 6 Hub sessions 21st june 06
Roll along summer - BBC 6 Hub session 21st june 06
Come on, let’s go - Tone 369 Remix
In the crowd – Docks, Hamburg
19 OCT 2005
Come on let’s go, Live on the CBS Late show

Town called Malice
- Live L.A. 2002
Wildwood- Live
Talk tonight – Noel Gallagher & Paul on Channel 4'S White room1995
Above the clouds
- Demo
Love – Cover of the John Lennon Classic

Volume 2, part one

Volume 2, part two

(Splitted archive, download 1 & 2 before unrar and start by the first one)

To end the year with beauty! The Bootlegs series, volume one.

Volume one:

The Circle - Gary Crowley Session 8/13/96
The Poacher - Cover Of The Ronnie Lane Tune Live With OCS
Shopping - Live
Uh Huh, Oh Yeah - Live
The Cost Of Loving - Live
Into Tomorrow - Acoustic Session Track
Work To Do / Pity Poor Alfie - live
Peacock Suit - Gary Crowley Session 8/13/96
Broken Stones - Live With Steve Ellis
Science - Live @ The Paradiso, Amsterdam, Dec '98
A Year late - Live @ The Columbia Fritz, Berlin, Nov '03
Savages - Pre 'As Is Now' Radio Airing, Introduced By Paul Weller
The Cage - Oasis Feat. Paul Weller
Strange Museum - Demo
Above The Clouds – Demo

The Bootleg series Volume one

All the best to everyone! :)

Next volume (/4) in a few hours.

Special Dedication, to JC, Dave, Patricia, Liz, Brighton's Mike, Marco, Fred, John (Phoenix), John McGivern, James McArthur, etc...


Desperately looking for Johnny and the Small Faces.

Hello, everybody... Merry Christmas... For this end of the year, I want to know if someone can manage to get the mp3's of The Small Faces sessions with Johnny Hallyday. If so, you can mail me off list. Thanks in advance... (From Nacho, Argentina). Write me if you have it! :)


A true christmas JAM. Flexipop rare issue (courtesy of Jean Christophe who gave it to me for Xmas!!!)

We couldn't finish this day without a christmas Jam. I've scanned the 36 pages of that special 1980 flexipop issue. I wanted something very special for Xmas. I hope it is. Check the whole pages, there's probably pics you've never seen before. All the best to everyone!

Beatles flexi fan club's records and Xmas songs.

The Who wish you a merry christmas too...

Soon on the blog, the complete Amnéville Show, 2006, perfect quality.

Thoughts for the disappeared ones.

Andy wrote it, there's nothing to change... Tim, Jenny, Kevin...

…to all Splinters, past and present and a special thought to those now with us only in spirit.

May their passion and love live on and their torches forever burn brightly.


Beatles, Kinks and The Who sing for christmas!

Listen the first three songs of the player!

Will try to find the complete Beatles flexi collection.

Jumpin Friends: Pete acoustic magic (1996)

Did you ever see the faces of the children
They get so excited.
Waking up on christmas morning
Hours before the winter suns ignited.
They believe in dreams and all they mean
Including heavens generosity.
Peeping round the door
to see what parcels are for free
In curiosity.

(Christmas : The Who)

Pete Townshend Acoustic Magic Link

Jam, Small Faces, Kinks... Who. Enjoy, happy christmas to everyone!


Modern Genius of Ray Davies (Mojo Tribute CD)

I was a little bit sad when I saw than the genius of this man is not really rated as it should. His solo albums have been released in a kind of embarrassed silence, don't you think? But No Ray Davies, No Pete Townshend, No Beatles... No Jam.

Download link

For Kevin too: ...I Am in paradise (Waterloo Sunset)


Wembley 82, Ready Steady Gone.

More Wood Little Splinters

Wildwood extras... Christmas time.

Hi gang, the survey shows than Wildwood is one of your favourite LPs of Paul as a solo artist. So it's time to get Another wood and More Wood, little splinters! :) Brutha Dave helped me once again and I've uploaded it to divshare, yuo won't have to wait any more.

Another wood dl link

Enjoy. have a thought for Kev's family. The flame will burn for you...


It's Kevin's day. So sad about us.

Play the music of Paul today, or any song you'd like to say goodbye with, call a friend to say him or her that you miss him, take time for people... All thougts to family and friend...We'll be with you all day long. A thought for Tim and Jenny...


Happy Birthday, Billy...

Billy Bragg who shook me 25 years ago, with Life's a spy... (remember Joe Strummer's words...), is 50 today. We're not the only ones who get older! :)

This version of That's entertainment is probably a balance test before a Red Wedge's gig. The girl who sings with him is Michelle Shocked.

Dedicated to Fred and To Stéphane Jonathan, the best specialist of Billy Bragg in France.
Top Blokes! :)

Billy's red wedge version of That's entertainment

(Morrissey's version)

Note From SoulBrutha Dave B. - Here's really nice interview and performance from National Public Radio in the USA. Also included is another SUPERB take on "That's Entertainment." Check it out HERE!

Download this take of That's...