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The Jam Bored with the USA. 1979.

Sound quality : ***
Extra information : Total running time : 73.55 min.
Tracks 1 - 19 : Park West, Chicago, USA; 6th March 1980
Tracks 20 - 24 : The City Hall, Newcastle, UK; 28th October 1980

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Paul And Wilko Johnson's influence. The "Floorboards up" Secret.

Paul dedicated the song to Wilko Johnson when he played it many times. Mike Conley, my dear friend from Brighton saw Wilco live and when he played the Dr Feelgood's 'She Does it Right' he went into 'From The Floorboards Up'. "Weller really did nick it" he said... if you want to know how to play it on guitar check this out:

She does it right video:

More about Wilko by Himself and others...


Jam in Boston, 13/10/1977.

Artwork by Manu Gomez! Thanx a lot, Manu.

Morrissey live in Lille, Full Audio by JUDGE FREDD!

Hi Gang, Our man Fred did it! :) Check his blog!
6 new songs "One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell" or "Something Is Squeezing My Skull" and"Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed"...

Thank you Judge Fredd!

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Minister of Soul.

You probably remember than our beloved Joe Strummer created an imaginary government and the minister of Soul was, of course, Paul Weller. It's a home made comp' because I just wanted to hear on a single cd Paul Weller as the soulman he has always been. Marco did this great cover and I DO thank him, he worked hard to improve it and I've bugged him with many details! Thanx a lot, Marco. This comp' is not perfect, there's other songs, other versions, I know. I made it with heart. Will try to have a "soul section", helped by Brutha' Dave in the next videos (Edwin Starr played for Jools...) Maximum Respect for all the flame keepers of soul!

To speak like heavysoulbrutha'Dave, Peace and SOUL! Enjoy.

Joe Strummer's Minister of soul download link

alternate link


Paul Weller News Blog!

Internationalists! Hope all is well. Just wanted to remind everyone about the Paul Weller News Blog originated by Chris. I've just started contributing to it as well. With loads of stuff coming up this year including a new solo record, a tour, and appearances, we'll certainly be updating it frequently. So stop by and sign up for e-mail updates so you'll know what's the latest as soon as we do.

Peace and SOUL,

And Marco keeps on workin' for you, guys!

Angel Salguero helps too! :)

A few tracks he collected from Splinters, and also five songs from the boot ‘Butterfly’.

Live at The Roskilde Festival, Denmark (1995)
(Five tracks taken from the boot ‘Butterfly’, which also features the 1995 Jools Holland show with abysmal sound quality).

Thanx a lot Angel! :)

Fred's post. Enjoy.

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You like Madness ? You like Word Search Puzzles ?So this is for you !
This is the GAME update here:

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Another ready made by Marco! Jools session 2002.

Sleeve design By Manu Gomez.

Jools' Session download link


Today in the store...Liverpool 8, from Ringo.

If you want to listen some samples...

Amazon's samples

Fred's blog new Update.

Suggs about Lola( 08/01/2008) and Madness about Lola ! Madness and the Kinks !
Some stuff to watch, some stuff to read !
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Penned Small Wizard?

Small faces and PP Arnold, Belgium TV, "Le Bouton Rouge", 2nd march, 1968. Paul Weller...

Weller as a DJ at Madame JoJo's, 60's Lost and found.

Paul appears at 3'40'' And has a very interesting and complete point of view about music (just kiddin')... Hiro, 38, is an independent film/video maker with his own editing suit in his PC. He
trained as a video editor and cameraman for a year in film production (Actually, Flavio saw it on Youtube and told the Splinters list. Apologies.)


You are listening "The Poacher"...

Just a way to remind how beautiful is this song... a true enlightenment...With Kind Permission of John Hellier. Paul's version with Simon "foxy" Fowler on vocals and Stevie Cradock on guitar.

"The Faces didn't revolve around Rod Stewart, We all revolved around Ronnie Lane"

Ian Mclagan, 5 th June 1997.

The Making of Heliocentric, From Marco!

Marco uploaded the file and designed the sleeve! He's a true Weller collective actor! :) Thank you so much Marco! :)

Link to "The making of..."


The Jam at The Marquee, 1978.

Art cover, design and conception by Manu Gomez.

This post is dedicated to Manu & Marco!
What would our boots be without their works to enlight it?

Jam at The Marquee, 1978.


Hootenanny 2006 Weller solo and Weller/Winehouse duets.

Paul sings "I don't need no doctor" solo, "Grapevine" and "Don't go to Strangers" with Amy when she was still the amazing soulsista' she can be...

They play with the great great Jools' Orchestra (Sam Brown in backing vocals...). They'll be in Brussels in March.

You can DL the different parts on Divshare, . Every part (one and two) are splitted. So unrar the first one (part1.1, part 1.2 etc) and then the second one. You'll have then the whole broadcast.

Enjoy! :)

Part one
Part two

Part three
Part four
Part five
Part 6 (616 ko!)

A message from Fred aka Ska Man! :)

Hi Mates, rude girls and boys !
Madness performing live 4 songs ! 31/12/2007 Jools Holland ! AVI FILE !!!
This is the, this is the, this is the..Up Up Up date !

Hope you'll enjoy .Judge Fredd


Magicbus on Guitars 101 forum.

Hey Man (magicbus on the Guitars 101 forum)

Not really fair to take our work and post it on the guitar 101 forum without just a word to ask it. I've never seen you in the d.box to thanx Dave, Marco, Manu or me. Write me please... You just have to copy the url rapidshare adress and you don't even give the blogs' adress, not so cool. To be a mod is also an attitude, I think, not a moral lesson but I don't like the way you do it. I use Marco's and Manu's covers but they're alright, I've asked them, etc. D'ya see what I mean? Actually you can do it, it's just the way you did I don't really appreciate...

I'm sure you're gonna have the right reaction.

All the best.

Courtesy of Marco, GLR UK Radio Session 1996.

Artwork by Manu Gomez, Upload by Marco.

Donwload link

From the Jam news. Courtesy of Jeff Slate and Mike Cobley.


Paul Weller live on Video V festival 2006.

Paul is in a very great shape and the band too. He's at his best, you know what I mean, when he looks like an angry man! The crowd is amazing and shout and sing and dance all along the gig. You can actually see that Paul really enjoyed it! :)

You can DL the two parts on Divshare, . Every part (one and two) are splitted. So unrar the first one (part1.1, part 1.2 etc) and then the second one. You'll have then the whole broadcast. It's mpg files, if you have some problems to read it, use VLC Media player, dl it here: VLC Media Player

Part one: From the floorboards up/ Wild wood (jazzy mood)/ Come on let's go
Part one 1
Part one 2
Part one 3

Part Two
: In the crowd./ Town called malice
Part two 1


Here comes the nice and incredible John Hellier's work!

Well, everyone knows the absolute Mods devotion for The Small Faces but John really comes from outter smallfaces space. His work is amazing of passion, commitment in keeping the flame alive. He's the keeper. Have a look on his magazine, not a cheap one but an incredible glossy paper one with very rare photos and info, check out the magic store... Absolute respect! :) He has even edited Small Faces Guitar tabs with Paul Weller and he can sell you for a ridiculous price the very last Marriott's LP which has never been released elsewhere... as amazing as rare dvds. Click everywhere to read it in the actual size.

All you need to know, just click on it (cds, dvds, etc;):


Is there any best of for 2007? A proposition...

Thanx a lot to J Christophe who sent it to me! Splinters area, friendship and nothin' to sell! :)

Thanx a lot to the original comp' maker and the sleeve designer. Don't know where it comes from. All the gratitude of the Splinters Area!

BEST OF 2007