Paul And Wilko Johnson's influence. The "Floorboards up" Secret.

Paul dedicated the song to Wilko Johnson when he played it many times. Mike Conley, my dear friend from Brighton saw Wilco live and when he played the Dr Feelgood's 'She Does it Right' he went into 'From The Floorboards Up'. "Weller really did nick it" he said... if you want to know how to play it on guitar check this out:

She does it right video:

More about Wilko by Himself and others...

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Cpt.stax said...

I'd love to hear the mighty wilko doing "floorboards"! as soon as weller's single appeared the first thing I thought has been "thats wilko on guitar!" :O) by the way his influence on weller's playing style is even more tangible on the pre-polydor demos the jam recorded in 75/76. dont remember the titles but there are at least a couple of songs that are totally dr feelgood.

cheers the cap

(ps: yann there's a better looking version of that feelgood's song on my youtube.com/milanomods channel just in case)