Andy Crofts, For Lovers (Doherty's cover) (Thanx to Mike C)

Weller appearance in Woking event last night... (Courtesy of Simon C). For Woking Hospice Benefit.

Black Barn: 

The Lost Boys:

Weller playing a couple of Beatles Numbers:

Did you get the last issue? Small Faces 37.

One again, the man did it!

John Hellier, the real flamekeeper found new stuff to release a fantastic issue: Steve, Mac and Kenney interview, Small Faces Box Set, Mod Aid, 2012 convention, Alexandra Palace gig, Fans eye view, Small Faces Stage show, track by track, etc...You can't miss it. We love you, John! 


Rodriguez Explores a Ghost Town in 'I Wonder' (Emma Greenberg)

Unbeknownst to him, Detroit singer-songwriter Sixto Rodriguez had a loyal following in South Africa in the 1970s, and some of his songs became anthems of the anti-Apartheid movement. His belated claim to fame was captured in the 2012 documentary Searching for Sugar Man, which featured several of the artist's original songs, including the swinging "I Wonder."

Now Rodriguez has released a lyric video for that track, which you can catch here exclusively. In the clip, lyrics flash across neon signs and appear as storefront graffiti as a Rodriguez walks slowly through an abandoned Detroit with a guitar on his back. The song originally appeared on Rodriguez's first album, 1970's Cold Fact; the video, while animated with modern technology, conveys a sense of times past through its images of pawn shops and record stores.