A new series on the blog: The Top Tens. First guest: Mark Baxter.

Mark is the fantastic Connett's manager, author of The Mumper, the great book he wrote with Paolo Hewitt, Believe me, I'm reading it, it's really great and funny. Check the reviews at the end of this post... You can find it on Amazon, order it to Mono Media, it's the Mark's book supplier. Top tens is cool for sundays! You can drift along the books, music, etc...

Absolute Beginners - Colin McInnes
Kestrel for a Knave - Barry Hines
Lonely Londoners - Sam Selveon
Nick Drake - Patrick Humphries
Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite - Paul Arden
An Affectionate Punch - Justin de Villeneuve
Black and White Memories - David Bailey
Damned Utd - David Peace
Today There Are No Gentlemen - Nik Cohn
The Cover Art of Blue Note Records - Marsh/Callingham/Crowley

Albums/Singles Made To Love Magic - Nick Drake Wee Small Hours - Frank Sinatra Soul '69 - Aretha Franklin Innervisions - Stevie Wonder All Mod Cons - The Jam Cleopatra - Paul Horn Sings The Winners - Anita O'Day Nobodys Fool - Cold Turkey Roxette - Dr Feelgood Three Button Hand Me Down - The Faces

The Sting
Rocco and his Brothers
This Happy Breed
Elephant Man
To Love a Proper Stranger
Thomas Crown Affair (original)
Sexy Beast
The Small World of Sammy Lee

The Mumper - Reviewed by Scootering Magazine Mark Baxter and Paolo Hewitt
Seven close friends, aka The Jolly Boys, during one of their religious like Sunday afternoon sessions are offered ownership of a racehorse. Following contributing factors and a bit of thought they decide to give it a go. Set in the 80’s with a backdrop that captures the political nature of the times, the interactive laddish banter, genuine working class humour and quips shot from the lip make The Mumper a tale that appeals to the British male. Many of the Jolly Boys, with an age range that spans several generations, have an obsession with clothes. Original mod’s, through to 80’s revivalists, as well as those who’s satirical ideas of style pre-date the 60’s originals, attention to detail of who is wearing what, gives the story a subliminal mod inclined leaning. Without blowing the plot, a pair of distinctive shoes have a bearing on the outcome. Highly amusing, very entertaining,with interactions between characters that most males can empathise, sympathise and relate to, The Mumper would, could and indeed should be adapted for a visual format, be it big screen or DVD. Simply, The Mumper has all prerequisites to become a 21st century style Ealing comedy with a dash of Only Fools and Horses for good measure.

Available mail order, £9.99rrp, visit www.lulu.com / mono_media@hotmail.com or via good bookshops.

The Mumper 31 oct 2007 (mis à jour 26 déc 2007) par Mark Baxter
"Its a funny, moving, lyrical account beautifully written in the argot of south east London. MAGNIFICENT ... really fabulous stuff, brilliantly written and completely captivating.I can't recommend it highly enough." Matthew Norman - London Evening Standard

"It's the Red Rum of READS!" Gary Crowley DJ and Broadcaster

"An Ealing comedy for the 21st Century" Martin Freeman - Actor

"As a north London boy I was a little concerned about taking an adventure over the water, but The Mumper was a truly enjoyable journey into the heart of the deep south." Robert Elms - BBC London 94.9 fm

"It's cracking read. I can heartily recommend The Mumper. Set in South East London in the 1980s, it's the rib-tickling tale of seven mates and a race-horse. It’s funny, well-paced and speckled with authentic London lingo. A small joy." Garry Bushell The Daily Star

"It's original, funny and moving and the period detail from the dark days of Thatcher's Britain is spot on. Also, the dialogue is sharper than the creases on a pair of sta-pressed Farahs". Ian Moore,Comedian, Writer, Chutney-Maker, Mod.

"I Quit" The end of Oasis?

Not exactly the Famous headline of 1970 when Paul left the Beatles but...Noel and Liam fought again yesterday's evening and the Eurockéennes' gig didn't happen! The festival (France) is cursed, last year Amy Winehouse cancelled half an hour before the gig and it happened the same way yesterday! Noel declared"It's with some sadness and great relief to tell you that I quit Oasis tonight. People will write and say what they like, but I simply could not go on working with Liam a day longer" after another cat's battle in the backstages... Noel Solo? Liam without Noel carrying on (he did it with Matt Deighton on guitar who also played for Weller around 1998)? Hope Mum will spank the bad boys! Liam joked a few months ago about Chris and Rich Robinson, from the Black Crowes who stopped playing a few years but they're still alive and will release a double LP on next Monday... (Faces, Exile on main street's Rolling Stones, Little Feat, Allman Brothers "alike")... Check the survey on the right of the page and let us know your opinion. ;)

It's obviously the worst fall-out that they've ever had, and they've had some pretty bad ones
Alan McGee
Former record label boss


Small Faces are still alive! (3)

Click on it for details and check the Wappin Wharf catalog for other DVDS.


Small Faces are still alive (2)

Check the offer on the right of the blog. Amazing issue n°32 is available.


Mark Simpson (New Age Jam) and I recommend The Master Colony!

(And Alli is a month older than... my son. 18!)

The Master Colony are a talented group of individuals who come from the north east. They consist of three members; Alistair Sheerin (Song-Writer/ Lead vocals/ Rhythm & Lead Guitar/Piano), Lewis Mondal (Bass Guitar/Vocals), Joseph Smithson (Lead Guitar/Vocals) and Adrian Neal (Drums & Percussion).

Their sound echoes some of the founders of modern popular music with strong influences from The Who, The Small Faces, The Rolling Stones and of course like most musicians those musical figureheads; The Beatles. This 60’s R&B sound combined with a more edgy northern rock influence, taken from the likes of Oasis, creates a spectacular sound. Alistair Sheerin’s lyrics pay homage to the storytelling talents of Paul Weller and Kelly Jones with stories of growing up and the monotony and excitement of everyday life. The Bands image derives mainly from the mod scene of the 1960s in both attire and attitude. They create an atmosphere when on stage of freedom, individuality and almost violent determination and Sheerin sings his songs with such conviction that you cannot help but be captivated by the sheer energy of the performance.

The band itself was formed in 2002 as a school boy 3 piece. Since then there have been some changes to the original line up as a result the songs have changed and developed over the years. This is down too, to Alistair’s growth and developing maturity as a song writer and the bands ever improving musical talents. The band name was formed by the Master Colony’s original line up. Deemed as ‘modish’ and appropriate, an encyclopaedia quotation was adopted as the bands name and over the years has seemed to become ever more appropriate for a band whose colony of fans is constantly increasing.

The Master Colony have achieved much. The original line up entered their first serious competition and won the thousand pounds prize at the Teesside steel gala. Since that massive achievement the band has gone on to succeed in other talent contests, coming runners up in a Middlesbrough college talent contest and winning a hundred pounds prize money in another. Their latest achievement was winning a national battle of the bands ‘The Liquidisco Academy Awards’ where they were crowned the best under18 unsigned band in the U.K They have had numerous recording sessions and recorded an EP and more recently an 11 track album ‘Suburban Stories’.

Over the years the band has notched up a fair few live performances all of which showcase their talent perfectly. With an energy that only true rock stars can create, The Master Colony show young talent at it’s best and with such incredible songs and musical ability this band can only ever be destined for big things.

They are playing The Dublin Castle in Camden On wed Aug 26 and will hopfully be supporting Twisted Wheel @ Stockton in Nov

Five songs on myspace

The music scene at the minute is in a sad state of affairs.. However, in the midst of all this tight jeaned, Peaches Geldof loving hysteria, there lies a tiny glimpse of hope in the shape of four undiscovered boys from Middlesbrough. The Master Colony may not have entered the big leagues but the potential is there. Whilst they may give off a certain Gallagheresque vibe and sport haircuts that that ponse Weller would be proud of, there’s certain integrity to their music. You get the impression that despite the blatant influence of Mod and Madchester, this music is still their own. There’s no desperation to emulate, more an inherent need to pay homage to their musical inspiration.
As with every great band, the leader is apparent. As he struts around, playing the charismatic front man and belting out the surprisingly intelligent lyrics, Sheerin seems much older and more experienced than his age should allow. His band members all fulfil their individual roles perfectly. Bassist Lewi Mondall nonchalantly wanders around looking every inch the effortlessly cool style god, whilst guitarist Joe dons Thunderbird chic providing the ‘one your mother would like’ effect. Adrian Neal, banished behind the safety barrier of a drum kit, bashes away, apparently unaware that this is a performance, turning up in what I’m lead to believe is his usual attire of Bermuda shorts. Perhaps he’s sensitive to global warming and I suppose it is warm for November.

The songs are an eclectic mix, from a definite bluesy feel, to country, mainly focusing on good old fashioned British guitar rock that I find myself craving in a sea of keyboard and tinny electronic sounding bands ponsing aroung in face paint masquerading as artistic. (Even Bowie struggled to pull that one off!) Whilst it may not be revolutionary but it’s good. After all, aren’t all the best fashions recycled?

Despite the honest influence, it feels new. Sheerin’s lyrics are at times, outstanding and his view on life makes even the mundane interesting. It’s difficult to tell exactly what is different about these boys but there’s definitely something. Maybe it’s that they don’t claim to be some new revolutionary genre that nobody’s ever heard of and rightly so. Britain should be proud of its musical heritage. We are not a country that can relate to gangster rap, contrary to beliefs of people from ‘the block’ (Yes Cheltenham is full of ‘Ho’s’ so I hear), nor are we a nation of vaguely angry soft rockers. We are nation that is quite frankly, a bit dull. We like tea, and chips and watching light entertainment on a Saturday night so shouldn’t our songs say that!? If someone can sing about all that crap and still hold my attention by backing it with some damn good melodies, well then that should be applauded and upheld as the talent of this nation because I can guarantee that every teenager in the land will see themselves in those lyrics, and every adult will remember just how crap, painful and exciting being a British teenager was.
Not since the likes of Kelly Jones had Britain had so much song writing talent. So if you want the anthem for your youth, or just to listen to genuine, un-compromised brilliance, then you should check out The Master Colony.

Best wishes

Also out today: Jet, the Australian mix of Oasis, Free and the Faces?

According to the single, they're still in that Faces alike Mood. They play sometimes a bit heavy and easy but there's some excellent songs.


Rate The new Arctic Monkeys' LP.

Write me (yviseur@free.fr) to tell me your opinion about the new Monkeys LP, even if it's very short. I'll publish the summary.
Many splinterites think Alex Turner is maybe the new Paul Weller (if it makes sense!). The third lp is very different, not so speed, more songwriting, a bit disillusioned, with new kind of atmospheres. I don't know it very well yet (Listen it once) but I'm glad they don't do the third "first lp"even if people seems disappointed according to the first echoes. So many bands can't find the second breath... We'll talk soon of a very interesting bands, The Master Colony, discovered and supported by Mark Simpson. Stay Tuned. ;)

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Courtesy of Nigel. S Cradock on the radio (reminder).

A Boot to boost the blog's reboot. Jam 1979.

Very average audience sound on the first songs and it's getting better later. Play it loud, it's better. Audience B-. Flac. Thanx a lot to the original uploader and taper. More than 30 years ago now, can't believe it!

Palladium 1979 Part 1

Palladium Part 2


Back with Connett!

Hi Gang, back yesterday... had time to think and to take care of my twins, Ronnie and Stevie are groovin' high now and I need more time than three months ago when they slept 16 hours a day... Will post when I can this year... Probably not at the same rythm, maybe twice a week or something. We'll share soon some goodies, Jeff Slate's Liverpool performances, exclusive interview (a song by song one) of Connett, Lou's LP, Andy's LP, The new records of the month (Arctic Monkeys, Brendan Benson, Cornershop, etc...), will try to open the blog wider, I've also a touch to get a Yolanda Charles Interview and a Little Barrie's one about their Weller's collaborations... Of course and a not to be missed, the Small Faces Convention and the new Wapping Wharf Issue! Nice!