Dave Davies' hidden treasures.

01 – Susannah’s Still Alive
02 – This Man He Weeps Tonight
03 – Mindless Child Of Motherhood
04 – Hold My Hand
05 – Do You Wish To Be A Man (Previously unreleased stereo mix)
06 – Are You Ready (Previously unreleased stereo mix)
07 – Creeping Jean (Previously unreleased stereo mix)
08 – Crying (Previously unreleased stereo mix)
09 – Lincoln County
10 – Mr. Shoemaker’s Daughter (Previously unreleased stereo mix)
11 – Mr. Reporter
12 – Groovy Movies
13 – There’s No Life Withouth Love (Previously unreleased stereo mix)
14 – I Am Free (Mono mix)
15 – Death Of A Clown (Mono mix)
16 – Love Me Till The Sun Shines (Mono mix)
17 – Susannah’s Still Alive (Mono mix)
18 – Funy Face (Mono mix)
19 – Lincoln County (Mono mix)
20 – There’s No Life Without Love (Mono mix)
21 – Hold My Hand (Mono mix)
22 – Creeping Jean (Mono mix)
23 – This Man He Weeps Tonight (Mono mix)
24 – Mindless Child Of Motherhood (Mono mix)
25 – Mr. Reporter (Previously unreleased early take with guide vocal)
26 – Hold My Hand (Early take with guide vocal)
27 – Good Luck Charm (Rare studio version)


Sonik Kicks (Artwork?)

1 Green
2 The Attic
3 Kling I Klang
4 Sleep of The Serene
5 By The Waters
6 That Dangerous Age
7 Study In Blue
8 Dragonfly
9 When Your Garden’s Overgrown
10 Around The Lake
11 Twilight
12 Drifters
13 Paperchase
14 Be Happy Children

Release: March 26 2012...

A trip around the lake?


Wake up the Station, Friday 5 PM UK, 6 PM Euro.

Matthew Sweet, Tom Waits, Clap your handds and Say Yeah, Peter Nigh Soul Deliverance, Diplomats of solid sound, Maker UK, Scott H Biram.


Tribute to John Martyn (Thanx to Richard)

Official music video for Sam Butler & Blind Boys Of Alabama founder Clarence Fountain doing the John Martyn song Glorious Fool (produced by Jim Tullio) from the John Martyn tribute album Johnny Boy Would Love This, which will also feature Beck, The Cure, Swell Season, David Gray, Lisa Hannigan, Snow Patrol & many other great versions of John Martyn songs by artists who loved his work.


Dig the new breed to find the Roots of Mod. (Chrome Dreams).

Paul Weller News

A Few Guests On Bruce Foxton's New Album Including...Paul Weller! AN UNEXPECTED reconciliation with former Jam bandmate Paul Weller has led to a creative rebirth for Bruce Foxton. The bass player with Britain's most successful band of the late 1970s and early 1980s comes to the Hall for Cornwall on Tuesday with From The Jam. Check Paul Weller news to know...


Push / Band on a mission. New LP. (Another Captain info)

Band On A Mission by Pushfunk

push formed in late 1987 and pioneered the London "Rare Groove" Scene along with bands such as The Brand New Heavies, The Young Disciples and Soul II Soul.

push released their first track "Traffic" on " Acid Jazz and other illicit Grooves" (1988 Polydor) this track won high critical acclaim and from this record the ACID JAZZ movement emerged.

push toured Japan in 1989 for Gilles Peterson under the Acid Jazz banner, and with legendary London and UK shows gained a live reputation second to none.
The Rhythm section of Crispin Taylor, Ernie Mckone and Mark Vandergucht were recruited by Galliano in 1990 and proceeded to tour the world selling in excess of 800,000 albums for the band.

Meanwhile the push Sax player Jacko Peake worked with Paul Weller on his Solo projects and the Trumpeter Damon Brown became an internationally respected Jazz Musician.

push continue with to perform in the UK and Europe cementing their reputation as awesome purveyors of hard grooving Funk.

In 2004 push released their second Album 'People'

push are currently one of the most in demand rhythm sections in the UK.
With keyboard player (the mighty Mick Talbot ) they are Candi Statons european touring band.
They have backed Marlena Shaw for the last 7 years on her visits. Other artists include Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, Kim Weston, and N'Dambi.

Musicians Who have Worked with push :

Paul Weller (Guitar) (honest) Great help in early days with Studios, etc and has also employed most of Band
Mick Talbot (Keys) The Mighty Mr Mick Played on some recordings adding inimitable Style

The Web Site

Produced and Written by Paul Weller.

Deep MO's review (Capt's tip)

Surgeons and pilots hold lives in their hands. A huge responsibility. One slip, and it’s curtains. Now I cannot possibly claim to do a job where I have that same level of responsibility. That would be plain crazy. But, I do take it very seriously when reviewing something, as I realise I have the ability to crush someone’s dreams with one flick of the wrist on a PC keyboard. Pen being mightier than the sword.

So if I criticise something, I do not do it lightly. I am well aware of the time, blood, sweat, tears and expense that go in to every single project. Then out of your hands when the album, book, DVD or performance is out there for others to judge, and be chattered about on the net. But I also don’t believe in paying lip-service. There is no progress in life, if everyone blows smoke up other people’s rear ends just to avoid hurt feelings.

TBC Here. Blue&Soul website.

Lack of Afro and Stevie...


"I swear Noel’s obsessed with me,” says Paul Weller

Paul Weller In mod we trust

"I swear Noel’s obsessed with me,” says Paul Weller, with a sly smile. “Honestly, he’s always mentioning me in interviews.” He’s responding to the Weller-comments in ShortList’s recent interview with Noel Gallagher. But the former Oasis guitarist isn’t the only rocker you could accuse of having a Modfather fixation.

TBC Here

Weller on the cover of a French Magazine!


Noel G on Letterman Thursday (Lizzy)

"I'll buy the new Kasabian album even though I've already got an advanced cd. I always buy me mates albums. I'll get the next Weller too. Don't be meeting up with Weller if you haven't bought his fucking album. That'll be 10 years off your life just listening to the ear bashing."

Noel Gallagher and band will be performing on Live on Letterman Thursday night.


On Ian's blog, Sam Gray. ;)

Stone Foundation, the new single (Bax)

Stone Foundation’s single “Holy Blue,” for release on seven-inch vinyl. No pre-conceived ideas and no knowledge of this band before now. Drums start, tambourine, guitar, bass, rhythm guitar then the vocal kicks in. A little taste of keys, lush strings and brash brass. “Holy Blue” is not like anything around right now. But it is like a lot of what was around back in the day, and the Wigan and Stoke lot may well have dug it in a big way.

Full review HERE


The Bruges' stroll and the very strange joke...

As you've probably noticed before, I'm not really into gossips. I don't care about our "heroes" personal life but sometimes life is very strange and funny...yesterday, my good friend Simon Cooper and me were walking into Bruges talking about family, my twins, etc. and we were asking about Weller "What's he doing, we have no news!!! and we add, she's probably pregnant and i had that joke, honest: He's gonna have twins like me... It becomes very funny today: Here.

That's why he's gonna have back problems and won't tour until 2018... (Guest Appearances, Arthur and Juliette Viseur).


British rock legend Ray Davies doesn't wait around for a Kinks reunion

Thursday, November 03, 2011 By Scott Mervis, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Not everyone thinks the battle for the best of the Big Four British Invasion bands is between the Beatles and the Stones.

Some hardcore music geeks swear by the Kinks, who managed to be the most nuanced and literate of the bunch (which also includes The Who) while also creating the blueprint for heavy metal with "You Really Got Me."

The band, led by brothers Ray and Dave Davies, debuted in 1964 and released an album every year or two (or three) until 1993, with changing rhythm sections. Not that it was always easy. The brothers, and the band members at large, were notorious for their spats, sometimes right on stage, which contributed to the Kinks being banned from playing in the States during their mid-'60s heyday.

It's out and It's awesome...

Cast is back, John Power in his own words.

I am not going to try and describe to you how I feel about the twelve songs recorded on the new album, Troubled Times. But I am very excited that at last people are going to have the chance to be able to give it a listen and it seems only apt that all of you who pledged should be the first to hear the album in full. I hope it's been worth the wait and thanks again for helping to make this new album possible.

Troubled thoughts are what you find when you're caught up in Troubled Times!"

(John Power, November 1st 2011)



SoulBounce Article about Amy Winehouse's "Hidden treasures" (The Capt Stax)

I'm not 100% sure how I feel about the news that Island Records will be releasing a new Amy Winehouse album, Lioness: Hidden Treasures, on December 5th. One half of me, the greedy half, cannot wait to get my hands on some new material from one of my favorite singers. However, the other half of me feels that it's all a bit soon, giving that its release will occur less than six months after her passing. Whatever your feeling on the matter, it's happening and has the blessing of Amy's family, so I find it hard to be too cynical. The album's tracklist including a brief description of each song can be seen after the bounce, and includes her version of The Shirelles' "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" (my favorite version of that song), her duet with Tony Bennett on "Body and Soul," a handful of new material recorded in 2008 with Salaam Remi, and a cover of the Leon Russell/Donny Hathaway classic "A Song For You." I'm guessing that the album will be worth the purchase price for the latter alone. Also, £1 from each album purchased (in the UK at least) will go towards the work of the Amy Winehouse Foundation, a charity set up in her memory to help out vulnerable youngsters around the world. [H/T: PBB]

WUTS 9, Next friday.

All the podcasts are available. Monthly english version soon.


Weller at last, somewhere...

Thanx a lot to Dave M.

Four years! Happy birthday to the cornershop...

It brought me so many things, friends, meeting, JC, Simon, John Hellier, Mark Baxter, Mike Cobley, Brighton's gigs, Tim, Dave Soulbro', Ian S, Manu, Marco, Wigzy, Bournemouth, Kevin in Coventry, etc cetc. Birmingham, London, etc. interviews, etc... Thanx a lot.

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