The Beatles Rain (2009 Stereo Remaster) And awesome John's answer. (Via John Hellier)

John Lennon was onced asked by a reporter in the States "Do you think Ringo is the best drummer in the world?" to which he replied "He's NOT even the best drummer in the Beatles!!!!" Ringo's drumming on this track is AWESOME!

The very underrated Ron Sexsmith 'Get In Line' On Later 2011


Today or never! How I spent the Royal Wedding, 1981, Weller and Fletcher. (Mike again)

When I was 17, it was a very good year. Among other brilliant things happening in my life – like having a gigging band and a successful fanzine and starting a record label and finally getting a steady girlfriend – I was fortunate enough to have some sort of a mentor-come-mate relationship with Paul Weller of the Jam, at the time Britain’s biggest, most important and best band. To this day, I know people who won’t listen to the Jam because of Paul’s hopelessly naïve comment back in 1977 that he’d be voting Tory at the next election, but truth is that by 1981 – when I was 17 – he was as staunchly socialist as it’s possible to be while reigning in the royalties. So when Prince Charles married Lady Diana on July 29 of that year, Weller recognized the “Fairytale Wedding” for the farce that it was. On a day that London otherwise shut down, he went into the Polydor demo studios inside the record company offices on Stratford Place, just opposite Bond Street tube, and spent the time recording. As seemed to be the norm at that point – we were in the midst of launching the Jamming! label and in daily contact – he invited me along.

Weller was working that day on a song called “Absolute Beginners,” the title of a Colin MacInnes novel that was doing the rounds amongst a certain subset of young Londoners at the time. I had just read the book and been profoundly affected by MacInnes’ inspired creation of a late 1950s “hip” London teen vernacular (though we didn’t use the word “hip” in 1981), his effortless embodiment of the narrator’s lust for life, his casual recognition of the ruling classes’ inherent snobbery and institutionalized racism, and the tragically breathless depiction of the (real) Notting Hill “race riot” of 1958. (It was called a “race riot” but in reality, it was a violent attack on the neighborhood’s Caribbean immigrants by reactionary, racist white gangs of young men. Let’s go with “racial assault” instead.) The rediscovery of MacInnes’ work – I soon moved on to another of his trio of London novels, Mr. Love and Justice – by a young London crowd was encouraging because it reflected our natural love of literature, one that had been beaten out of us, as had so much other joy of learning, by the antiquated British schools system.

To be continued here, in JAMMING


Arcade Fire Coachella 2011, the complete show. (MikeC)

The miracle of one of the last standing shop... Wiley and the checkmates...

I was strolling cool and easy in Périgueux a southern french town and i've found an old fashion record store with much vinyls inside, nothing was really stored, you have to dig and crawl to find what you want (Three Jam's record by the way, new records, second hand some, etc... A paradise for music lovers!).

This record was amazing...Didn't know them at all, never seen them before and never heard a single note. The sleeve was stuck (and not printed!) on the cardboard. Can you imagine it? A kind of handcraft vinyl record'. the cd was inside too but it's a copy, not an original cd... the soul is very good, a kind of traditional soul, very human and sensitive...I've bought it. It was really the heart of living music, made with hands, musicians and passion...


Lester Bangs' Basement:

Lester Bangs, the late, great early-rock critic, once said he dreamed of having a basement with every album ever released in it. That's a fantasy shared by many music fans—and, mutatis mutandis, film buffs as well. We all know the Internet has made available a lot of things that were previously hard to get. Recently, though, there are indications of something even more enticing, almost paradisiacal, something that might have made Bangs put down the cough syrup and sit up straight: that almost everything is available.To be continued here

Paul Weller - Devotion (From the BBC Drama "united")

Arctic Monkeys' new single -- Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair


Paul Weller & Primal Scream - Losing Boy (In Session)

(Another MikeC's gem)

'Dead Man's Suit' - Jon Allen (Official Video)

It's a Mike Cobley's recommendation, don't ignore it! :)

Industry Suits Have To Learn That Sometimes Old Fashioned Grafting Pays The Biggest Dividends

Today's big new pop stars seem to appear like white dwarves, burning fast and hot only to cool too soon to invisibility.

If the industry suits were buttoned-up with any sense then they'd let some artists exist under the radar and orbit like a satellite of greater, older artists, bathing in the glow that they still radiate.

That's how Jon Allen sees himself; a live performer who has remained true to the philosophy of old fashioned grafting which seems to be paying off as there is rarely a week when he doesn't get a request to perform.

Allen has even found himself with the odd celebrity admirer; Holland's biggest film star Carice Van Houten discovered his music and began twittering his praises to her many followers helping make him a household name in the territory. (Mike C, to be continued here)

Good to be back. ;)


A contest to make you think for my ten days off (Holidays at last!)

Because it's the record store day (and the first one if France!), here's a vinyl's collection. It's a famous legend's one. Who is this legend?
(Click to enlarge)

The first to send me the right answer will win a Paul Weller 7" single of WUTN. ;)

Enjoy. See you soon.

British Power: Rock & Folk magazine, May Edition.


John Coltrane Spiritual (Bax' idea)

Maybe it's time to be a more open book and to talk more about Jazz. Bought last week an audiophile reissue of Love Supreme... Transcendental...


208 RECORDS PRESENTS - Simon Wells

The New single - Celia Moon - out on April 9th Click this link to hear it now!


Sussex based musician & author Simon Wells is celebrating the release of his debut single on 208 Records. Although best known as an author, with books such as ‘Your Face Here-British Cult Movies Since The 1960’s’, & the acclaimed Charles Manson biography ‘Coming Down Fast’, his single precedes an album entitled ‘Sometimes In The Morning’.

The record is pastoral, melodic, quirky & reflective of the English countryside where it was written & recorded. The A side 'Celia Moon' features acoustic guitar & acoustic rhythm section, the B side (not on the album) is purely acoustic, featuring Simon’s dextrous finger-picking. The compositions have the feel of The Pentangle, or Nick Drake, making his work an instant entry into the classics of that genre. With sleeve notes by Paolo Hewitt, this is one of the most exciting additions to the largely overlooked library of English pastoral folk for decades.


Paul Weller, 1982 french magazine "Best" interview...

Will translate it soon. Dedicated to all the guys who felt so alone in the beginning of the Eighties, being a Mod, alone, in France...Jean Christophe, Myself, François, Etc...


Bakers Dozen: Liam Gallagher and Andy Bell's 13 Favourite Albums (MikeC)

Sound affects:

Liam: A top Album, innit? Andy Bell: It's got "Start" and "Entertainment" on it, the lyrics to that are still so pertinent and Arctic Monkeys are doing that kind of social observation, That's their shit now, isnt'it?

22 Dreams, Andy Bell:
For us, it's Weller's best album in years. We haven't actually sat down and listened to Wake Up the Nation because he came out with it too quickly. This is a great record to listen to and depsite being a double; it doesn't feel long at all.


New Album is ready to go! (Arkid's info).


Paul Weller has revealed that he has completed work on his next studio album.
The singer and former Jam star said he had just finished mixing the follow-up to 2010's 'Wak Up The Nation'. He told XFM that it was "all ready to go" and that the album would “hopefully” arrive before the end of 2011.

Alice Gold, An Alex McLauglan's suggestion (Part 2)


A plan for tomorrow with Andy Lewis.

This is the last chance to buy advance tickets for

the Andy Lewis live show...

at The Bowery, 36 – 38 New Oxford Street, London, WC1A 1EP on Wednesday April 6th. They're only £5 and are available here . More information about the night can be found here

Tickets for this event have been selling very well, and you're well advised to secure them in advance to avoid disappointment! Andy's mini-album "41" is available from iTunes NOW and is released officially on CD and vinyl on April 25th. However, you will be able to buy copies of the CD in advance at the show. You can pre-order the CD and the double 7" at the following outlets if you prefer...(Norman Records 7" , Heyday mail order)

Or place an order at your local independent record store. Why not follow Andy on Twitter - @andylewisuk puts you in touch with his private thoughts... or "like" his Page on Facebook... or if you're really old school, myspace.

Charles Bradley (feat. Menahan Street Band) on Last Call w/Carson Daly

Thanx to the cap! Check his new Modcast on the right of the page. ;)


Weller for Japan, O2, Yesterday.

Review: John Grant, Brussels, 2 nd April. (Ancienne Belgique, Night Session)

John Grant's lp has been and is still one of my favourite for 2010/2011 and I have to pay the due: it's Mike Cobley who turned me on it. I've listened it once not very carefully and I completely missed it. I've listened it a second time and it's been a massive shock, music, voice, lyrics. As you probably know it yet, he was pretty unsuccessful with his former band, The Czars and he was very close to let music down. His Midlake's buddies took him back to the studio and the miracle happened, a masterpiece, outterspace, outtatime... It's gonna be very hard for him to do something as good in the future but this one is done. A masterpiece is always better than ten useless LP, what you think? 10 months ago, John played in a very very small venue around Lille and I dind't even heard about it! A year later, he played at Jools Holland's Later and had many articles and interviews... So What's the reality on stage, the place where everything is revealed: fakers and players, artists and real singers. No contest, he's great. The voice is absolutely awesome, very powerful and he doesn't even need a mic. He just came on stage in a very simple way with Christian on keys and piano, very friendly and he was instantly with us, here to share many personal feelings, the terrible experience, according to what he said several times, of growing up in Michigan...being a bit different when everyone make you feel like an Alien. The performance is very difficult to control and to master. Not enough and it's cold, too much and it could have been a very disgusting confession on stage. But John Grant is absolutely sincere, true, genuine and it helps you to be human too, to accept yourself. There's nothing fake in what he did saturday on stage, no effects, no trick, no fireworks, no lights to hide the poverty of the songs... It's been very moving and not that kind of sticky emotion we can see so often on TV (Yes, I hate TV most of the time...). He's there, a human being who suffered a lot being different, had some very brash times (nasty nasty times, cocaine times, he said), who told us about love, hope, despair...The brilliant photograph Alex Vanhee did wonderful photos, as usual, check his Facebook page (he shot the afternoon show, due to popular demand).

And when he closed his eyes for a second or two at the end of a song, you can easily feel he lived the song while he was singing. It's not an automatic performance, it's an intimate ffeeling which has been shaped to become a song. It's not sad at all, it helps you to feel better as a human being. It's the power of John Grant's music. He talked about his grandmother, very huge in his life and the little pink house (unreleased) has been a highlight moment of the show, a very stripped show, you can't cheat with a piano, a voice and a keyboard. Please, do not think it's been a sad show, John is very friendly and has a great sense of humour when there's the usual dummy in the audience who tried to prove he's a real fan (there's always one...). Something impressed me a lot, the silence quality when he sang, you could hear a fly... The audience was not a special one, men, women, any colour, any age, it's not a gay icon, it's a great singer/songwriter and that's it. It's important to be said because it could have been a massive booby trap, being stuck in that kind of category, to be pigeon holed...It's to easy to stick a label when it's so obvious and easy...The very brilliant Alex Vanhee shot the afternoon show (added due to popular demand), check his facebook page, Alex is very very brilliant, one of the best photographer I know, he gives life to any photo. After the fake encore (he didn't leave the stage and joked on it!), it was time to have a stroll in he very nice Brussels city, prolonging the magic with my friend Bruno. His son will be born soon and the post is dedicated to my beloved godson. We've been to a restaurant and when a brown skin guy wanted to come in to sell flowers, we've heard stupid racists words., a very nasty contempt. The world needs John Grant.

Beady Eye's Across the universe. Concert for Japan.


Connett's new LP on 208 Records.

One thing about Connett, you know you are in for a great time. Whether live, or on this, their second album, the band combine swagger with sensitivity to leave the listener thinking rock & roll DOES have a future, despite being swamped in a music scene dominated by TV talent shows. Recorded at Paul Wellers Black Black Barn studio, partly in Chicago and at Bentham studio in Wiltshire, this London based four piece have a deserved reputation as one of THE live acts around. Visually, the band have moddish hipster roots, but their musical style is classic Brit-rock.

Eponymous singer Darron Connett is yer stylish front man. Cocky, with a swagger & a gleam in his eye, & a strong voice to carry of the bravado, his vocals carry off the rifftastic tracks such as 'Rather Get Down' & 'Mademoiselle' with aplomb. Cranked up the band have the boozy roll of The Faces, or Mod The Hoople, sorry, Mott The Hoople at their peacock best.

Guitarist Glenn mixes Townshend power chords with John Squire subtleties, giving each song a character & texture of its own. Bassist Lawrence & drummer Danny carry the rhythm section with ease. Check out the Doorsy feel of 'Be Right There', you will be riding on the storm, you will see what I mean.

The band have a sensitive side to their writing too. Acoustic based tracks such as 'He said' & 'By the Sea' have impressive lyrics with beautiful melodies.

Alternatively, The Stone Roses dancedelic feel of 'Take Me Away' shows the versatility of the band.

The real winner though, is 'Salt & Wine'. This is the sort of track that gives a rock ballad a good name after years of disgrace. An impassioned lyric & vocal combined with an inspired band performance see the band ready to hit the big arenas & melt your heart. And then set the whole body ablaze with classic rock & roll. No wonder they attract the attention the have had. It's all for a reason, here on 'Love & Curses'.