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Stuart Deabill, co author of Thick as thieves and Mark Baxter, exclusive interview for the Cornershop by Simon Cooper and myself. The full show available here on Monday 3 rd...
Are we gonna speak about The Jam, John McEnroe and Wimbledon? 

Yes, we will...


No one I think is in my tree, Paul Weller plays the Beatles...

Artwork by Marco Cesaro

Strawberry fields for ever lyrics...

No one I think is in my tree
I mean it must be high or low
That is you can't you know tune in but it's all right
That is I think it's not too bad
Let me take you down, cos I'm going to Strawberry Fields
Nothing is real and nothing to get hung about
Strawberry Fields forever

(Thanx a lot to John Hellier who told me than Paul Weller was very very found of this sentence and almost "obsessed" with it). 


Nolan Porter And Stone Foundation, live! Preorder, very limited edition.


Order it here

1. To find the spirit 2. Keep on Keepin' on (intro) 3. Oh Baby 4. I like what you give 5. Somebody (somewhere) needs you 6. Tracing paper 7. Crazy love 8. Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum 9. Gimme little sign 10. Keep on Keepin' on 11. If I could only be sure. Recorded Live at the 100 Club, London - Sat 7th July 2012

Nolan Porter - Vocals Neil Jones - Vocals / Guitar Neil Sheasby - Bass Phil Ford - Drums Ian Arnold - Organ / Piano Spencer Hague - Trombone Lynn Thompson - Trumpet Gary Rollins - Saxophones


Neil Young is alive and well...

NBC News Reports on Death of Astronaut Neil Young 
NBC News may have been the first to report on the death of astronaut Neil Armstrong — but that was only after they mislabeled him as "Neil Young." Lance Armstrong is not very well this week neither...

Paul Weller (NME): Band reunions drive me potty...

Paul Weller has bemoaned the recent spate of band reunions.

Groups such as Blur, Pulp and Primal Scream have reformed this summer (2012) for comeback shows. Earlier this month (August 6), Weller attended a secret gig in London by the The Stone Roses, the band behind this year's most high-profile reunion.

However, the singer insists that he has no plans to reform his own bands, The Jam and The Style Council, and poured scorn on the trend. He told The Mirror: "It drives me potty to be honest and I am sick of seeing it. It is big business at the moment and I find it really disappointing and I think all the time that is spent on bands reforming and nostalgia. What about the new bands, or young bands, coming in which don't get a look in?"

He also suggested that band reunions reflect a lack of creative inspiration, adding: "I don't know what the reason is. Why is it so prevalent? Is it because people stick to what they know or what they are comfortable or safe with? But I think I come from a time when all the artists I grew up with and I loved always used to try and push the boundaries and there doesn’t seem so much of that really. It is the same sort of thing, and I find it disappointing."

Weller, 54, released his eleventh album as a solo artist in March (2012). Titled 'Sonik Kicks', it debuted at Number One on the UK charts. Earlier this month (August 1), he played an intimate gig at London's 100 Club and he has dates lined up in the US and Japan this October (2012).

New Bruce Foxton's Single: Number 6

Bruce Foxton's new single Number Six available for download on the 24th September
The album 'Back In The Room', available 1st October. 
Pre order at www.pledgemusic.com/brucefoxton

Thanx to Alex Mc Laughlan. 

Hello. It’s a pleasure to to be unveiling my plans for my new album. This will be my first solo album since “Touch Sensitive” and I’ve worked with some really exciting artists while making it.
First and foremost, the band, Russell Hastings & Mark Brzezicki, both very dear friends and fantastic players, we’ve had a ball recording together. Also on the album are Paul Weller & Steve Cropper! It was such a pleasure to work and hang out with Paul again. Then there’s the equally-legendary Steve Cropper. What an honour to have them both play on the album. I’m so proud of this record and hope you enjoy it. Thank you for your continued support.
You can now pre-order the album via PledgeMusic along with a range of never-before-seen items and experiences, all of which you can pre-order or ‘pledge’ on. All these items are listed on the right hand side and will be sent to you when the album is released. By pledging, you’ll gain access to the project as a whole, viewing exclusive footage from the studio, behind the scenes and concerts, as well as exclusive photos, audio and news updates
from me.
A percentage of the proceeds from this pre-release campaign will be donated to the Shooting Stars CHASE charity, to help them continue their valuable work supporting families in western London, Surrey and West Sussex, caring for local families with a child or teenager with a life-limiting condition. See www.shootingstarchase.org.uk for more details.
I hope you enjoy this album as much as I enjoyed making it with these great musicians.

Fables of History, Soon on the Moon(s)


Just in case you've missed it, Weller in session. Last FM.

The users of Last.fm, continue to make Paul Weller a huge artist: The Jam - 9,766,787 scrobbles (600,339 listeners); The Style Council - 1,859,829 scrobbles (184,180 listeners); Paul Weller - 6,170,619 scobbles (398,194 listeners).

George Martin: "Andy Leek (former Dexy's) is one of the most talented artists I have ever produced"...

Andy became a member of iconic 80’s band Dexy's Midnight Runners from the ripe age of 16; having already played on Radio 1 twice in sessions with John Peel and on Radio 2’s live ‘in’ concert. Andy played on the No 1 Hit "Geno" and on the album “Searching for the Young Song Rebels” at the beginning of his journey. 

Since leaving the band, his solo career has blossomed with the displays of his talents – his flair for writing songs is evident by him writing for the likes of Tom Jones and Frida (from Abba) “Twist in the Dark” (1984) was the track off the album “Shine”, that, arguably, gave Frida her greatest artistic success after leaving ABBA.

Jeff Wall (Caught in the Act) said “Say Something” was a “pearl hidden on the floor of the black ocean”, as its exciting production- uniting talents Andy Leek and producer Sir George Martin- was brushed under the carpet at the time, drowning in an influx of Britpop and synthesisers, and for twenty years, was consigned to lie in a publishers loft. But, since then, Say Something has been dug out by many willing enthusiasts, with offers to re-master the timeless tracks. 

The renewed album includes two remixes by hot U.K producer Rachel James, brand new songs: “All Around the World” and “So Blind” plus an exclusive interview with George Martin himself on why he produced the album. As well as impressing industry legends, like Jools Holland,  with his “undiscovered classic”, Andy has established his appeal to the masses through his meaningful melodies and lyrics: During the civil war in Beirut in 1990, the title track “Say Something” became not only Number 1 in the top 100 songs of that year, but also an anthem of inspiration to the people during their hardships.


Eric Legnini's music: Trippin'. It's very groovy, try it.

By  Published: December 17, 2009
Eric Legnini Trio: Trippin'
Trippin', the third album from the Paris-based Eric Legnini Trio, is a stylish collection of tunes named in honor of The Meters' third album, Struttin' (Josie, 1970). When Legnini takes to the Fender Rhodes, on "Trippin'" or "Doo Goo" for example, the influence of The Meters' organ-driven sound is clear—both tunes are uplifting, dance-oriented numbers with "Doo Goo" featuring some irresistible and funky rhythms. But this album is much more than a tribute album to New Orleans rhythm and blues—the trio is certainly capable of funky, danceable tunes but it can also deliver on ballads, hard bop, and straight-ahead material.
Legnini combines his own compositions with an intriguing selection of standards. A straightforward version of Jimmy Van Heusen's "Darn That Dream" showcases Legnini's piano, while Dizzy Gillespie's "Con Alma" swings beautifully, thanks especially to the drumming of Franck Agulhon. Stevie Wonder's "The Secret Life of Plants" is stripped bare and turned into a delicate and gentle solo piano performance.


Ables 2 UK Benefit gig. Roundhouse, Camden, Monday...

"I won’t sit down and I won’t shut up/ And most of all I will not grow up", belts out the lean 30-year-old Frank Turner on his rousing anthem "Photosynthesis", and the bolshie folkie from Winchester is the highlight of this inaugural Able2UK concert for disabled awareness.

Turner, a former punk with the now deceased Million Dead and a contemporary of Prince William at Eton, has worked tirelessly on his stagecraft, performing over a 1,000 gigs and garnering a hugely devoted fanbase and a comfortable amount of success on the back of his industry – he played Wembley Arena earlier this year. His blistering solo set is sandwiched in-between turns from the jaunty, Eighties throwbacks Mystery Jets and Friendly Fires' thunderous nu-rave. They can't really compete with this folk force of nature though.

However, before any of them comes the other highlight tonight: a silver-haired Billy Bragg, Turner's biggest influence ("I'm still getting used to playing on the same stage as Billy," admits Frank), and the activist from Barking delivers a typically belligerent set, remonstrating against Rupert Murdoch, Twitter, cynicism ("I've realised the enemy of all us is cynicism") on spiky tracks "Tomorrow's Going to be a Better Day", " Never Buy the Sun" and "I Keep Faith". However good Bragg's protest songs undoubtedly are, though, his more romantic numbers were always more potent lyrically. And, thankfully, he performs "Sexuality" ("I feel a total jerk before your naked body of work") and "New England", two of the most finely crafted ballads by a British musician in the past 30 years. The Independent, TBC Here...


Personal situations..

We had a long chat this morning around Saint Pancras... Join us! Stu Deabill, Mighty Mark Baxter, Simon Cooper and Myself. Soon on the Cornershop, 50 minutes interview...


Tomasz Stanko, Soul of things...

The very brilliant Polish trumpet player, the East Europe Miles Davis... We should speak more about jazz, that wonderful Mod music... Soul of things LP. Harry Bosch, the legendary Michael Connelly character, listen it in Nine Dragons novel...He also listen, in the same novel, Ron Carter...Dedicated to Mark Baxter, great cool cat jazz addict...


From Paul Weller official, War child...

Paul has been a long time supporter of War Child UK, playing several gigs on their behalf over the years. 

The charity are currently appealing for donations to help the children of Syria who are suffering greatly during the current civil unrest.

For more information and to donate visit 

Nme Stars of 2012...


Simon C recommends "London, Modern Babylon." by Julian Temple.

Zombies Reaching Across Decades. NRP Tiny Desk Concert.

August 12, 2012
The Zombies' third studio album, Odessey and Oracle, spawned what may be the band's best-known song, "Time of the Season." But the record wasn't a big success when it first came out in 1968. In fact, The Zombies' original lineup disbanded before Odessey and Oracle even came out.
It wasn't until 12 years after the album's release that it really started generating praise. Paul Weller of the English new-wave band The Jam called it his favorite album of all time — he maintains as much to this day — which helped bring in successive generations of younger fans. Founding members Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone say the record's influence continues to reach across decades.
"The record sells more every year now than it did when it first came out," Argent says. "We almost always have young bands come see us. We almost always have a young component in the audience. It's such a privilege to be at this stage in our careers and to get that energy back."
After hiatuses, solo jaunts and lineup changes, Argent and Blunstone keep coming back to make music together. The two have played together since they were teenagers; Blunstone says that from the start of The Zombies, the music was made to complement the members' abilities.
"If you analyze the individual players in The Zombies — with the exception of Rod, who is an absolutely exceptional keyboard player — we were all quite modest musicians individually," he says. "But when we played together, something happened."


Olympics! Handball.

Thanx to England...The Olympics have been massively brilliant. French Handball team (four times world champion, Olympic champion and European Champion several times said yesterday the organisation has been fantastic....). Discover this awesome sport...Play for another title tomorrow 3 PM. 



Bradley Wiggins to the NME... Music has been a constant in my life.

Why I love Weller

When I was eleven, I discovered his first solo album and then delved into the roots of that with The Jam and stuff. I’m also really into Steve Cradock’s latest solo album, which is kind of psychedelic a little bit Beatlesque - his solo work is completely different to Paul Weller’s solo stuff. Weller’s more recent stuff I don’t really like as much, some of it’s good, but some of it’s a bit too out threre for me. While Steve Cradock has stayed with that Ocean Colour Scene thing, which was my first love really in the early 90s.
Music has been a constant in my life... here.