Seen it before? Sydney 2010. Weller live.

New McCa's single, produced by Mark Ronson.

What's New with Paul McCartney?

Today, Paul McCartney has made some New music available.

It's available from HERE!

Speaking about the New track, Paul said: "We can do what we want, we can live as we choose."

This new track hints at things to come from Paul's forthcoming New album, set for release on October 14th in the UK (October 15th in the US). This will be his first album of brand New solo material in six years.

Paul's New album will include 12 new songs, which he worked on with new collaborators.

Paul's New song is produced by Mark Ronson.

More new details to follow in the coming weeks...(official)

Alistair Sheerin full set on video (courtesy of Tim B.)

Full Set. (Last Saturday)


Sunday Morning Call?

The Who, 2005, With Steve White on Drums and Damon Minchella on Bass.

Live 8 in 2005 was a case in point. When he and Steve White backed The Who, playing a two-song 15-minute set to a Hyde Park crowd which had fallen asleep standing up, the air thrummed with electricity.
The Who, White and Minchella had rehearsed for an hour the day before. 'We played Who Are You? and Won't Get Fooled Again twice, and Pete [Townshend] said "That'll do, see you tomorrow".
'Just before we were going on, Steve [White] said "If we fuck this up, our careers are over". I was able to say through the nerves "This is actually quite silly". It's healthy to take everything with a pinch of salt. But the beer afterwards was the best I'd ever tasted.'


Bingley Music Live – Last scheduled performance for Wilko Johnson

After a series of post-retirement performances Wilko Johnson’s last scheduled performance will take place on Saturday 31stAugust at Bingley Music Live. 

The former Dr Feelgood guitarist was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the start of the year. Fortunately he has remained healthy enough to undertake a series of recent performances.  

Wilko explains his reasons for returning to the stage; “What’s been pretty good is we did the Farewell Tour earlier in the year and then I retired, but I didn’t like that much! Then summer came along and the festivals started coming in and I thought, well, I’m not too ill and if I can’t make it then the show will still go on.”

Since the 1970s the singer, guitarist and songwriter has been credited for his enormous contribution to the British rhythm and blues scene and is widely hailed as one of the founding influences of the punk movement, firstly in Dr Feelgood and later as a member of Ian Dury and the Blockheads.

The national rock'n'roll hero explains the continuing thrill of playing British festivals; “This year’s been pretty unusual. It’s been marvellous, being out in the sun; as the sun has chosen to shine this year. It’s all about the friendly atmosphere. So I guess you could say my favourite thing is fun in the sun.”

Bingley can revel in Wilko’s awesome stage presence one final time, where he’ll be joined by the likes of Primal Scream, CHIC feat. Nile Rodgers, The Human League,The Cribs, The Fratellis, The Neville Staple Band,Tinchy Stryder and Katy B during the much loved Yorkshire festival taking place between Friday, 30 August and Sunday, 1 September.

Tickets are still available but please hurry if you want to catch Wilko.  A standard three-day weekend ticket is £45*, with advance day tickets for Friday costing £17.50* and advance day tickets for Saturday or Sunday priced at £30*.Tickets are available online  or call the ticket hotline 0871 220 0260.                                

Steve Cradock's new album: Travel Wild.

Limited Autographed Edition exclusive to Propermusic.com only, available only whilst stocks last.

A founding member of the iconic Britpop band Ocean Colour Scene and guitarist for Paul Weller since 1992, the Solihull native has long been regarded as one of Britain's most talented musicians and a part of the country's musical heritage. The affection and knowledge for his craft amassed over the years are truly tangible on the latest thoughtfully constructed 13-track album.

The record radiates relevant retro as a 21st century ode to Sixties psychedelia. From the get go, dreamy opener "Any Way The Wind Blows" immerses us in an exploration of sounds in the best of British musical tradition. Steve's skilled song writing and expert multi-instrumentalism are evident on tracks such as "Sheer Inertia" and "Travel Wild - Travel Free". This record is a true labour of love from a man who clearly knows how to write and use catchy hooks, hip vibes and lush melodies.


The only place to buy new Steve Marriott's LPs...

Give all she's got is on BLUE VINYL! 

Dylan's another Self Portrait pre-listen on NPR. Chicken Skin music?

If Bob Dylan's long career as a genius of the American spirit has taught us anything, it's that one fan's trash is another one's treasure. "I never looked at songs as 'good' or 'bad,' only different kinds of good ones," he once said. Dylan's music, from the magpie folk of his early years to the historically conscious balladry of his current albums, has always reminded us that our legacy includes not just ennobling beauty, but also minstrelsy, dirty blues, sentimental sappiness and rama-lama-ding-dong.
Nowhere is Dylan's ability to see the whole patchwork tapestry of our musical culture more evident than in the music he made in the very early 1970s, when he was running from his own burdensome greatness and jumping into the great scrap heap of American musical tradition.
During this period, Dylan produced one album, Self Portrait, that landed like a wet blanket and another, New Morning, that only partially redeemed the reputation he'd seemed so eager to escape. Yet Dylan's efforts from these years — highlighted on the latest in his ongoing Bootleg Series, titled Another Self Portrait (1969-1971), out August 27 — now seem prescient. This music is perfect for a 21st century in which taste hierarchies are fast dissolving and everybody realizes that there never was a pure "folk" or "country" or "blues" or anything, only massive borrowing and boundary-crossing and fruitful playing around. TBC here.

Marriott's new material.

 Wapping Wharf Records present a new 2 CD STEVE MARRIOTT set entitled 'I Need Your Love (Like A Fish Needs A Raincoat)'

This one is a bit special, as it contains quite a few previously unreleased studio tracks and covers from the period from Steve Marriott's Moonlights in 1962, right up to the LA Sessions with Peter Frampton just before his tragic demise.

Steve's very first and very last recording together in the same package.
Over 30 tracks - Contact us for full listing atjjhellier@aol.com

With Marriott, there's something very cool, you don't have to speak about his music, just shut up and listen. Thanx to John Hellier, the flame keeper, the real one.