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Joe Gideon & the Shark.

Taken from the new album FREAKISH, out Jan 7th 2013.
London based thorough-bred brother and sister combo Joe Gideon & the Shark return with their new album Freakish, out January 7th on Bronze Rat Records. The album was written and recorded during, as the band put it, “most turbulent times”, referring to births and deaths. This upheaval accounts for the 3 year wait for a second album.
The band's début album Harum Scarum burst the band onto the scene, earning them a treasure trove of pull-quotes from all the right places (“an inspired band with fire at their fingertips”-NME, “a terrific debut”-UNCUT), earning invites to support the likes of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Seasick Steve, with Time Out calling them “one of the best live acts we’ve seen all year”. Glamorous sister Viva’s (The Shark) showy gymnastic drumming was the perfect yin to Gideon’s bookish, charmingly awkward yang. The album showcased their compelling blend of driving alt-rock riff-o-rama, with runaway offbeat monologues and intermittent melodious poignancy.
Nothing has changed. Except they are now more, erm, “FREAKISH”!
What we have here is idiosyncratic individuality on an entertainingly eccentric, possibly borderline lunatic, scale. We have songs inspired by Werner Herzog getting shot in the gut whilst being interviewed by Mark Kermode (The Insignificant Bullet), true stories about being invited three years in a row to Elvis the dog’s birthday at the Queen’s Park bandstand, references to impersonating a priest, a cat called Sylvester, ping-pong, badly negotiating the London Underground doobied up to the eyeballs and ending up at the end of the line (You, The Pole, and The Rastafarian)…. You have been warned!

I saw them opening for Blues Explosion and it was really good. 


Pony Taylor, Mod Class A. Listen it loud. ;) One of the great LPs of 2012.

Formed in 2006 and based on Avignon (France) , Pony Taylor draws its influences from the 

psychedelic rock of the late 60'sand indie pop melodies of the 90's.

A real mixture of power and harmonies in the authentic vintage sound so appreciated by 

Supergrass and Paul Weller fans as those of Spencer Davis Group or Deep Purple.

80's were very strange.

This video could help much people to feel better if they did something very strange in the past... Therapy? 



Indian Vibes.

This one came from strange thoughts after Ravi Shankar’s death, was also thinking to my friend Alex who came back from Bangkok with a fantastic feeling before his tragic death a few weeks later. I wanted to do something about that fantastic music history’s accident and blends, cultures’ mixes at their best, when Indian’s music came to Europe and influence so many bands. Couldn’t start with something else than the Beatles’ Norvegian Wood because it’s the first pop song released with sitar on it according to several music sites (Yardbirds did it on “Heartful of soul” but didn’t keep the sitar part for the single version). If you try to sing “Norvegian Wood” with a slight touch of Indian feeling, it works perfectly. Also Thought to that brilliant electric sitar solo on Steely Dan’s “Do it again” song etc. And then Anoushka Shankar, influenced herself by Flamenco on her last record… etc. Of course I thought to Paul Weller’s “Indian Vibes” and his friend Aziz Ibrahim “From Lahore…”, Sitar part on Oasis’ “To be where there’s life”, etc. Didn’t want to do a specific Indian’s music compilation, it’s about the meeting between pop and Indian’s influence. Also thought to our imaginary Shangri-La, somewhere in James Hilton’s “Lost Horizon”.  I’ve finished with Baba O’Riley because Pete Townshend said he wanted to put Meher Baba’s spirit in the machine. Enjoy. ;) 

Rick's choice, Radio Reverb Special.

Jam Special: 

Wanna know what gets Rick Buckler punching the air in a euphoric musical frenzy 

(think Get Back, Sound & Vision, Turning Japanese,Making Plans For Nigel & More). They are 

all here alngside Rick teling his side of the Jam story. All begins about 20 minutes in to this 

Radio Reverb Jam special ..

Weller in Amsterdam, 2012, December 18 th.

With Benny G on Saxophone.

Thanx to Ton de Kruyff


Paul and Josh Dawson

Closer again, Weller and Wiggins.

Wiggo and Weller BBC 6.


Weller and Wiggins on Stage!

Thanx to Andy Bassil.

Ian Skelly Debut Album

'Cut From A Star' is the debut album of British singer/ songwriter, multi- 
instrumentalist and visual artist Ian Skelly. 

After drumming in The Coral for over a decade he has now recorded his first 
solo LP. The music combines influences from the spiritual side of psychedelia 
and emulates the techniques of 60′s and 70′s recording. This was achieved by 
using a tascam tape cassette machine, tracked vocals and layered guitars.
The Album will be released in November 2012, and was recorded in The Coral 
Rehearsal space (The Coral Caves).


Syd Arthur, Weller opening act.

Weller opening act in Melkweg. 

Syd Arthur, a quartet of Canterbury-based devotees of sound immersed in the simple pleasures of songwriting, performance and exploratory musical interplay. Greatly inspired by the sonic pioneers of the late 60s and early 70s, they have patiently learned how to engineer, produce and mix themselves, using an innovative hybrid of analogue and digital techniques. Naturally, in 2009, Wicker Studios, their own studio space was created, followed by their record label, Dawn Chorus Recording Company. Syd Arthur may revel in the music of decades long past but, as psychedelic rock goes, they match the hallucinogenic sounds of modern contemporaries like Wolf People, Black Mountain, Tame Impala – with imaginative, whimsically sweet, melodies.
When the band released early tracks in 2010 (on their Moving World EP) they were swiftly picked up by The Guardian and included in their Band of The Day feature. Here, on their debut album proper, they seamlessly mix bucolic, retro reveries, devastating blasts of precision controlled riffing, sweeping folk, fleet-fingered mandolin work and a musical vocabulary that’s as fluently conversant with world music as it is the time signature twists of Soft Machine. That these influences are successfully integrated into their songs rather than merely grafted on as stylistic affections says a lot about the band’s desire to hone their craft. And hone it they very much have on debut album On An On. TBC Here.


Matt Deighton and Bill Fay, part two.

On his lp Wake up the Moths, Matt covered three Bill Fay's songs: Release is the eye, Til the Christ come back, I hear you calling (2005). As as solo artist, Matt Deighton is to re discover for sure.

Matt Deighton's first solo album, Villager (Focus; 1995) is fantastic. It is a folksy-jazzier affair, that sees Deighton combing his lyrical poetry with acoustic instrumentation to produce an album that is similar in many ways to the recent work of Terry Callier. "Good For Us," "Get Out The Road," "Jesus Loves The Rain," and "Pure English Honey" are all stellar tracks that would anyone's summer Sundays a real delight.

Soft spoken, understated and under appreciated, Matt Deighon continues to record sporadically. His most recent album, Part Of Your Life (50:50) is another acoustic gem. I have tried to hunt down the psychical CD but have had zero luck. I finally decided to break down and buy the digital version. I still completely satisfied but would love to find the actually CD. That's just the collector in me. Matt Deighton has recorded five solo albums since '95 and all of them are quite good. A real undiscovered soul-jazz artist you should definitely check out.

Check that very good blog.


Bill Fay, back, with Matt Deighton...

Bill Fay is one of English music's best kept secrets – a genuine national treasure. Back at the dawn of the 1970s, he was a one-man song factory, with a piano that spilled liquid gold and a voice every bit the equal of Ray Davies, John Lennon, early Bowie, or Procol Harum's Gary Brooker. He made two solo albums but his contract wasn't renewed, leaving his LPs and his reputation to become cult items, later namedropped by the likes of Nick Cave, Wilco's Jeff Tweedy and Jim O'Rourke. But he never stopped writing, and the music kept on coming. Now, in his late sixties, he has produced Life Is People, a brand new studio album that shows his profoundly humanist vision is as strong as it ever was.

Check this page.

Matt, Paul Weller's guitarist around 1995/1997 helped him a lot to get back in the studio.

Matt, Honorary Gallagher Brother

Where is Matt Deighton?


Delicous Junction, Ace Café.

Gary Crowley, John Hellier, Lou Baxter, Terry Rawlings, Darron J. Connett.


Brighton Radio Show, very special guest tomorrow night...

Rick Paul Buckler will be the guest (for a full ninety minutes) tomorrow night!

Check Paul Weller News! Weller / The Moons Video!

Pelirocco Platters Own Show. ;)

Pelirocco Platters

Music from the legendary hotel

New show times - Saturday 10 - 12pm & Tuesday 6 - 8pm

Pelirocco Platters is broadcast twice a week on Brighton's community station RadioReverb. Saturdays 10 -12 pm and Tues 6-8 pm. The show reflects my love and involvement in Punk, Acid House, Soul music etc. 
I've been going to gigs and clubs for 30 years and lived through most of the major youth cults in that time. I also own and run Hotel Pelirocco in Brighton which is a real Rock 'n Roll hotel and the show relates stories from the hotel and the people who pass through its doors. I also play lots of up and coming Brighton bands - Running Dogs, Two Jackals, Tiny Dragons have all been championed on the show.
The second half of the show features guests from Punk legends, to Brighton promoters, up and coming bands, authors - all people who love music. They play 8 of their favourite song/ bands and tell their own story, 
not on a promo tour, they just pop in the studio for an hour and chat honestly about what has happened to them along the way.  
Don Letts, Adrian Sherwood, Django Django, Captain Sensible, are some of the guests who have been on the show. Old shows can be found on Soundcloud.
Hope you like it.


It Was Thirty Year Ago Today: The Jam’s Last Stand. Posted in Apocalypse, Music, The Jam on December 11, 2012

Last Saturday, December 8, someone tweeted me to observe that it was thirty years to the day since they had seen my old band, Apocalypse, open for the Jam at Stafford Bingley Hall. This made me realize:
a) that they were paying a lot more attention to such anniversaries than I was, and that
b) in that case, it could only be a couple of days until we would be commemorating thirty years since the Jam’s final show, at Brighton Conference Centre.
That concert took place on December 11, 1982, and Apocalypse were once again the support act – the Jam’s last ever support act, in fact. It was a strange night all around, as this account I gave for Steve Malins’Paul Weller biography back in 1996, should make clear:

Weller at The Beeb.

Noel, kind of snippets...


Pimlico's back

  • Digital Track

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Written by Pete Twyman. 
Produced by Andy Lewis & Pete Twyman. 
Recorded & mixed by Andy Lewis & Pete Twyman at BleakDisco Studios, Watford and The Living Room Studios, Watford - April/May 2012. 
Mastered by Pete Twyman at BleakDisco Mastering. 

Miles Chapman - Drums. 
Wesley Doyle - Vocals. 
Andy Lewis - Bass Guitar, Melodica, Percussion. 
Alex Richards - Synth. 
Pete Twyman - Acoustic and Electric Guitars. Rhodes Piano, Hammond Organ, Percussion.


Check Paul Weller News.

Weller new song (September rain) on Jools new album, it was on the legendary Paul Weller mod's tape by Dinah Washington.

Menahan Street Band, live on KCRW.

The Menahan Street Band have been sampled by Jay-Z, are the backing band for “the Screaming Eagle of Soul” Charles Bradley, and are simply one of the best funk bands around. If I could have a soundtrack following me around everywhere I go, it would be the Menahan Street BandThis was my first opportunity to see the Brooklyn-based players live and they did not disappoint. They are a true collaborative and watching them read each other through a series of hip shakin’ soul numbers was a real treat. This is a perfect way to kick off the weekend. Enjoy the full session in the archives here.


Menahan Street Band Live on KCRW – Set List
Dusty Blue
Keep Coming Back
Three Faces
Lights Out
Make the Road by Walking
The Crossing