Indian Vibes.

This one came from strange thoughts after Ravi Shankar’s death, was also thinking to my friend Alex who came back from Bangkok with a fantastic feeling before his tragic death a few weeks later. I wanted to do something about that fantastic music history’s accident and blends, cultures’ mixes at their best, when Indian’s music came to Europe and influence so many bands. Couldn’t start with something else than the Beatles’ Norvegian Wood because it’s the first pop song released with sitar on it according to several music sites (Yardbirds did it on “Heartful of soul” but didn’t keep the sitar part for the single version). If you try to sing “Norvegian Wood” with a slight touch of Indian feeling, it works perfectly. Also Thought to that brilliant electric sitar solo on Steely Dan’s “Do it again” song etc. And then Anoushka Shankar, influenced herself by Flamenco on her last record… etc. Of course I thought to Paul Weller’s “Indian Vibes” and his friend Aziz Ibrahim “From Lahore…”, Sitar part on Oasis’ “To be where there’s life”, etc. Didn’t want to do a specific Indian’s music compilation, it’s about the meeting between pop and Indian’s influence. Also thought to our imaginary Shangri-La, somewhere in James Hilton’s “Lost Horizon”.  I’ve finished with Baba O’Riley because Pete Townshend said he wanted to put Meher Baba’s spirit in the machine. Enjoy. ;) 

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