Lauren Pritchard (she sings "How sweet..." on BBC Session with Paul).

When The Night Kills The Day


"WTNKTD" feat. Marcus and Ted Mumford Ed Harcourt

Lauren |

About Lauren: (Myspace)

Once upon a time there was a girl called Lauren. She lived in grassy, green Madison County, Tennessee where people are as sweet as the tea they make. She'd sing songs in her yard and run around with ballerinas, big kitty cats and her brothers all the livelong day. One winter evening Lauren decided she wanted a change of scenery. She wanted to leave her comfortable grasslands and start a joyride. She traveled far to La La land and danced with the faeries in Beverly Hills, all the while humming along to Bob Marley and playing pianos. Then Lauren ventured to Gotham City(out of a pure and deep love for Batman)to take to the stages of the great White Way as a long-haired bohemian. Now 6 years, 5 tattoos, 4 electric tea kettles, 3 cities, 2 tours and 1 Nord keyboard later, she's in the bushes with the shepherds of London, singing of her homeland with the Lolo Army ready for the next round of life attacks. Lauren knows life is first-rate come what may. The End.

Bruce's back.

Another Ace Aceface video: Fast car, slow traffic.


The Iron Man beats the Changing Man...

AC/DC have hit Number One in the UK album chart tonight (April 25).

'Iron Man 2 - Official Soundtrack' - a career-spanning compilation of 15 songs - beat Paul Weller's 'Wake Up The Nation' in a closely-fought battle.

The Top Ten UK albums are:

1. AC/DC - 'Iron Man 2 - OST'
2. Paul Weller - 'Wake Up The Nation'
3. Plan B - The Defamation Of Strickland Banks
4. Meat Loaf - 'Hang Cool Teddy Bear'
5. Scouting For Girls - 'Everybody Wants To Be On TV'
6. Lady Gaga - 'The Fame'
7. Paolo Nutini - 'Sunny Side Up'
8. Kate Nash - My Best Friend Is You'
9. Justin Bieber - 'My World'
10. Florence and the Machine - 'Lungs

Eli Paperboy Reed Live on French Television

The Master Colony, Live and free download.

Staying on a MOD theme......Hope you don't mind me pluging this, I am trying to support these lads where I can.

Some of you may have already seen this live video, if not check out these lads, it was filmed a couple of weeks back at Darlington, it is very good gig showing just how talented these lads are.
All songs (except the last track) written by Alistair Sheerin. (Lead Guitar/Piano/Vox).



Linda Lewis on Aim High Remix (Ian)


The Q interview, courtesy of Jerry The Swedreamer.

Part one of Qthemusic.com's exclusive interview with Paul Weller to talk about his tenth solo album, Wake Up The Nation finds the Modfather in good spirits, talking about the way he and Simon Dine approached it, railing against reality TV/X Factor and politicians aswell as telling us how he ended up collaborating on two tracks with Bruce Foxton, the former bassist in the Jam.

It's Paul Weller Week on Qthemusic.com this week...

Paul Weller interview - part 2. Paul on his father, his next album and the demise of Oasis.

Q: It was quite an unplanned album wasn't it?
Paul Weller:
It was yeah, it was only when Simon Dine who produced it and co-wrote all the songs sent me down a cd of 10 different ideas which were very short, almost like sort of mood pieces really, and I just got really excited and straight away I could hear an album on that. We went in the studio for two or three days and came out with eight different ideas, not fully formed but getting there, and it just sort of rolled from that.

Complete Q music interview

The Weller Week on Q mag.

Another Cpt Stax' Gem: JC Brooks and the uptown sound

Steve Ellis...

An audience with Paul Weller, courtesy of Simon

An audience with Paul Weller

(Wake up the nation Independant review)

Courtesy of Simon

French touch? "my little lad's only four and the other day he was counting in French. It's hard for me to get my head round what is a nice school because I never experienced that."

Paul on myspace: "It's strange that people my age spend all evening on Facebook talking to their 'friends'. Why not go down the pub? A guy once came up to me at a gig and asked me if I had MySpace. I said, 'This is my space, and you're invading it.'"


A MikeE info: Paul on Jonathan Ross Friday.

Official site info

Drop your Friday night plans - Weller will be in the studio with Jonathan Ross this coming Friday (23rd April) evening.

Tune in to BBC1 at 10.50pm and enjoy Paul Weller playing live and chatting with Jonathan


Steve Marriott... Words, by John.

19 years ago today the world lost its finest ever blue eyed soul singer, in tragic circumstances. Steve never achieved the "household name" status that many of his contemporaries did, but there again perhaps he didn't want to. I seem to spend half my life explaining to new kids on the block that Rod Stewart wasn't the lead singer of the Small Faces! Paolo Hewitt told me a great story a few years ago. He was in a pub with Liam Gallagher and they were reading the latest issue of Mojo magazine. It contained one of those silly top 100 vocalist charts. Steve Marriott was in there at number 99 or something and Liam was in the top ten. Liam read it, declared that's bollocks!, ripped the magazine up and threw it on the floor. Mr Gallagher...man of taste!

Paul Weller returns to politics (Thanx to The Wizard)!


Paul Weller digs their LP...(Thanx Jerry)

Mini Site

What's floating your musical boat at the moment?

PW: I've really got into Broadcast. I bought their album, Broadcast and the Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age just before Christmas and I really, really love that so consequently I've gone out and bought all their other records.

What is it about them that does it for you?

PW: Well, they've got that sixties thing to them, I think, and there's a bit of the Velvet Underground in the songs but I like the experimental freeform thing they've got going on as well. And I really like the Erland and the Carnival album as well – it's great

The Quietus Interview, courtesy of Jerry.

It's obviously the WUTN Day and Don't forget to check Paul Weller News... Another ace proposal from Mike E!


Back in slow motion...

Photo Courtesy of Martin Usai.

Hi Gang, not sure to have much time to write a lot this week, it's a "back to work" one and it's not the easiers.


Holidays for the Viseurs' family. Ten days off. Will be back on Sunday 18. See you soon. ;)

Nice gift from MikeE before going on hols.

with all the recent soul activity in the c-box i was inspired to dig out some tapes i made of a bbc broadcast from 2002. the series all singing, all dancing, all night held a one off special all-nighter where they brought together many of the original northern soul djs to play sets live in a 4 hour special. i have converted all four hours to mp3 (4xmp3 sections approx 1 hour each) there is a few minutes of dead air at the end of each but the quality is excellent. the music fantastic! here are the rapidshare links if you would like it for the blog:

part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4

here is the press release from the time:

Northern Soul DJs reunite for a Midsummer Night Special

The three DJs responsible for Wigan's unrivalled status as the centre for Northern Soul will reunite for the first time in more than 25 years for a unique Midsummer night special broadcast live on BBC Radio 2 (midnight, Saturday 22 June to 4.00am, Sunday 23 June).

Richard Searling, Russ Winstanley and Kev Roberts will each present a set mixing classic Northern Soul with the best of their recent discoveries, as part of an All Singing, All Dancing, All Night Midsummer Special hosted by Stuart Maconie.

They will also be joined by another guest DJ - Andy Davies, Jonathan Ross' producer and trusty side-kick.

The music that became dubbed Northern Soul started in the early Seventies and became a major craze at various venues including the Twisted Wheel in Manchester and The Torch in Stoke.

It reached an all time high when Russ Winstanley founded Heart of Soul at Wigan Casino on 23 September 1973. Richard and Kev joined him as the first DJs there, and fans were attracted from all over Britain to the casino's legendary all nighters.

The dancers who dazzled with back flips, head stands spins and splits were as important as the music and in 1978 the Casino was voted the World's Best Disco by the American magazine Billboard.

The last All Nighter at the Casino was 6 December 1981, and the last time the three DJs were all together was in the mid Seventies.

This special programme - from one of Manchester's top Northern Soul venues, the Longfield suite in Prestwich - reunites them for the first time since then.

After the success of two series of All Singing, All Dancing, All Night, and fresh from his New Year's Eve special bringing in 2002, Stuart Maconie presents four hours of non stop Northern Soul recreating the atmosphere of the halcyon days at the Casino.

Himself a Wigan lad, Stuart admits fibbing about his age to get past Hilda the fearsome doorlady there.

Richard, Russ and Kev have all remained at the forefront of Northern Soul.

Richard runs some of the North's top venues and broadcasts three hours a week; Russ travels far and wide as a Northern Soul DJ and has written Soul Survivors, The Wigan Casino Story; and Kev has released countless Northern Soul CDs from his Goldmine Supply Organisation.


Ray Davies New York Official and legal bootleg, cut version.

The Ray Davies' gig has been my favourite 2009's gig, Birmingham Symphony Hall and a real magic emotion. All and everything provided by Simon... So this one is from New York. It was a legally downloadable huge file. I've worked on it and I've tried to cut the tracks as clean as possible. Ray's humour between songs is very fun but sometimes, I just want to hear the songs or one special songs. So DL it and chose the way you want to hear it. Don't forget to burn with the no space between tracks if you burn it. Enjoy, It's magic. Will ask Manu a proper cover.

A wink to the boss of soul, Dave! His favourite cover song ever.

Hambourg 1990, reuploaded by request.


Soul for the Soulbrutha... She kicks anyone's ass, doesn't she?


The Universal, Can't miss them...

"Sharp dressing Liverpool band The Universal are set to announce their exciting arrival on musical radars up and down the UK with the imminent release of their self-titled debut album on May 17th through Diffusion Music".

Guitarist and songwriter Terry Shaughnessy`s band The Universal cannot escape without brandishing an iconic image associated with a primary British sub-culture. The `Weller` comparisons will of course be expected, almost meticulously encouraged for a wider audience. I`m sure Shaughnessy`s choice of essentially working-class Britpop heroes and similar guitar based genres spanning nearly five decades is the clear reason The Universal are emerging as a formidable line-up. The ten track debut has incredible production, the final mixing is daringly energetic and while not being creatively overbearing, the band`s melodic tightness shines through. Pushing forward the classic guitar/bass formulation, a treat for us power-pop heads and British rock provisionals, fabulous chorus fills and percussion work-outs, we would be truly justified in saying it`s no longer grim up North.

"With these influences in mind, The Universal tip their collective hat with wide-eyed appreciation towards a glorious musical past yet add a uniquely modern edge to a guitar style that will never go out of fashion".

"As a calling card, debut single `Day In, Day Out` is a two and a half minute blast which resurrects the soulful attack of The Kinks and The Jam, but which knocks aggressively on the door of the 21st century’s second decade".

No buying links sent to me as yet, but with over twenty confirmed shows listed and heightened press interest around the debut single and album release, we should have more news soon. Learn More

Courtesy Of Mono Media PR

Reup by Request. Glasto 1994.


Ronnie Lane's birthday. Words, by John Hellier.

Remembering Ronnie Lane today on what would have been his 64th birthday.

He sang "I've no use for riches and I've no use for power". He WAS rich.......rich artistically and rich in character.

John Hellier

The Q review.