Steve Marriott... Words, by John.

19 years ago today the world lost its finest ever blue eyed soul singer, in tragic circumstances. Steve never achieved the "household name" status that many of his contemporaries did, but there again perhaps he didn't want to. I seem to spend half my life explaining to new kids on the block that Rod Stewart wasn't the lead singer of the Small Faces! Paolo Hewitt told me a great story a few years ago. He was in a pub with Liam Gallagher and they were reading the latest issue of Mojo magazine. It contained one of those silly top 100 vocalist charts. Steve Marriott was in there at number 99 or something and Liam was in the top ten. Liam read it, declared that's bollocks!, ripped the magazine up and threw it on the floor. Mr Gallagher...man of taste!

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