A one off performance of the Faces...

Rod Stewart will rejoin The Faces for a one-off performance at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on April 14, when the band are being inducted.

Stewart will sing live with the band for the first time in 19 years next month at the event in Cleveland, Ohio according to The Faces' drummer Kenney Jones. It is the first time the surviving members have played live in public since Stewart was awarded the Lifetime Achievement honour at the Brit awards in 1993.

Speaking to Music Radar, Jones confirmed that Stewart would return to perform with the band. He said: "Contrary to what people might think we're all still great mates and we've never said we wouldn't play together again." TBC HERE

Faces New Album?


Weller In Télérama (French)

On ne s'était pas penché sur le toujours vaillant survivant de la classe de 77 depuis longtemps. Institution outre-Manche, en tant que Modfather (emblème de la culture mod) ou parrain du « dad rock » (le rétro-rock dont Oasis s'est fait le champion), l'ancien leader toujours tiré à quatre épingles de Jam n'a cessé de produire des albums à un rythme métronomique. Des disques inégaux sur lesquels Weller élargissait, tel un apprenti Steve Winwood, toujours un peu plus sa palette stylistique, tiraillé entre une obsession pour la soul noire rigoriste et un penchant certain pour l'expérimentation du rock progressif d'avant l'excès des seventies. TBC Here


About timing (Music Week)

When it comes to topping the chart, timing is everything. Paul Weller wasn't able to get it right in 2010, when his Wake Up The Nation album debuted at number two, on sales of 52,563, beaten to the punch by AC/DC's unexpectedly big first week for compilation/soundtrack Iron Man 2 - but Weller got it right this week, and tops the chart with follow-up Sonik Kicks taking pole position despite a substantially lower first week sale of 30,269.

It is 53 year old Weller's fourth solo number one album, following Stanley Road (1995, on first week sales of 62,603), Illumination (2002, 54,283) and 22 Dreams (2008, 58,924). It comes 30 years to the week after his first number one album, The Gift, as a member of The Jam. Despite their popularity, it was their only number one album, though he returned to the summit as leader of The Style Council with Our Favourite Shop (1985) before pursuing a solo career.

Sonik Kicks sold: 30,269

This year's No.1 sales so far:

1 January + Ed Sheeran 47,376
8 January 21 Adele 38,380
15 January Doo-Wops & Hooligans Bruno Mars 24,509
22 January 21 Adele 20,978
29 January + Ed Sheeran 20,607
5 February Born To Die Lana Del Rey 116,745
12 February 60,003
19 February Our Version of Events Emeli Sandé 113,319
26 February 21 Adele 65,091
4 March Our Version of Events Emeli Sandé 44,722
11 March Wrecking Ball Bruce Springsteen 74,401
18 March In My Dreams Military Wives 59,026
25 March Sonik Kicks Paul Weller 30,269


At last, the trailer!

Bax and Lambrettas... How could it be bad?


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To be number one...

... and loved by everyone... And, thanx a lot, he didn't let David Guetta get number one. What a relief... ;)

Paul Weller scores Number One UK album with 'Sonik Kicks'

Paul Weller Gives 'Tame' scene a swift kick (Billboard)...

Artists with three and a half decades on the clock rarely sound this way, but then with that sort of track record, they aren't often still at the top of both their creative form and the charts.

"I find a lot of music really tame," muses Paul Weller, "and this is my reaction against that. I'm trying to stir something up, I suppose, in my mind, and just get people excited about music again."

Those could almost be words spoken by the angry young man who first broke into the British charts just before his 19th birthday, spitting out the lyrics of The Jam's new wave rabble-rouser "In The City." But as a well-traveled 53-year-old, Weller has lost none of his spirit of adventure, and his massive audience continues to accompany .... TBC HERE

Personal NB: Don't dream to the back of million copies seller in a week, we are sepaking about 24 000 copies from Monday to Thursday...

Number one, "Cutting the edges"...(NME News)

Paul Weller has said that his new album is "cutting edge" and says there's no music out there that sounds similar.

Speaking in an interview with Billboard, Weller said his new album has a "spirit of adventure" that's been brought on by him entering the "twilight years" of his career.

He added: I think the new record is really cutting edge, really modern, and I don't think there is anything around that sounds like it, regardless of age or status or whatever.

The Modfather looks set to grab the Number One spot this Sunday (March 25) with his new album 'Sonik Kicks'. The singer, with whom you can read a new interview in the new issue of NME, is set to knock last week's chart topper Military Wives down to Number Two. Check NME.com at 7pm tonight (March 25), to see if he has been successful.

French review: Sound of Violence magazine.

A 53 ans, Paul Weller prend la route avec le souffle enthousiaste de celui qui a toute la vie devant lui, à la poursuite de ses rêves comme on partirait à la conquête d’une terre inconnue longtemps fantasmée. Faut-il encore présenter cet artiste majeur, bardé de récompenses et à l’origine de bien des disques de qualité tels que 22 Dreams ? Pour son onzième album, l’ancien leader des mythiques The Jam remet tout le monde à sa place en montrant aux jeunes loups qu’il est toujours le chef de meute, plus efficace, indomptable et élégant que jamais. La suite ici...

4 stars and half on five.


Check Alex Vanhee Facebook Page, Brilliant photos of Paul Weller. Courtesy of Vanessa M.

Richard Jones Website is open...Another National Welsh Treasure?

Richard Jones lives in France and he's on Virage tracks records, maybe you remember that old post. Richard is brilliant, he had excellent reviews in France, and I like the way he's been called by a french music newpsaper: pale and fervent soulman, his music is not the kind of impressive bang to smash your ears but it comes to you in a friendly way and it's very quickly the kind of record you give a spin again and again. No bragging at all, music, real handmade music... listen him, check his site. There will be a full interview soon. Is he a man of taste? Oh yeah, he told me Nick Ward is a great songwriter... ;)


Weller: I was getting bored of writing....

Brilliant "new" voice in Soul/Jazz... Be good. (Thanx to Alex)

"...an absolute showstopper of personalized soul...As an impressive, substantive vocalist...he's right up there with Jose James as the next big male vocal jazz star." Allmusic.com

"Porter may count (Nat King) Cole as his primary influence, but his vocals and his ability to spin a musical yarn call to mind...Joe Williams, Jon Hendricks, Lou Rawls and Kevin Mahogony." -- Soultracks.com

"...sheer genius.... quite possibly the year's best jazz recording. Porter is one of the most inspiring jazz performers of the last decade. 5/5: Soulmattersmag.com

"Simply put, Gregory Porter may be our next great jazz singer." -- Straight No Chaser blog

"...one of the best artists in modern jazz today." -- Cashbox.com

New Album: Be Good


Who's the Number one?

Paul Weller looks set to grab the Number One spot this Sunday (March 25) with his new album 'Sonik Kicks'

The Modfather, with whom you can read a new interview in the new issue of NME, is set to knock last week's chart topper Military Wives down to Number Two, with David Guetta set to be Number Three, Emeli Sande at Number Four and Adele's '21' at Number Five, reports the Official Charts Company.

Lana Del Rey is presently Number Six with 'Born To Die', while The Shins are currently on to be new at Number Eight with 'Port Of Morrow'. Ed Sheeran, Bruce Springsteen and Coldplay presently make up the rest of the Top 10.

The Look, Paul Weller,

A new lease of life...

There’s a song on Paul Weller’s new album called “That Dangerous Age” about middle-aged desperation to recapture one’s youth. Weller, 53, has form in this department: his new wife is 27 years younger than him. But the “dangerous age” has a musical dimension too. The middle years are tricky for rockers to negotiate. It’s a time when they fall prey to indecorous attempts to appear relevant, like David Bowie, who now seems to have given up making music, or when they turn into sedate establishment figures, like Eric Clapton. To be continued here


Mike Cobley, wise man's review and Andy Sturmey roundhouse night's gallery!

With Paul Weller’s much touted ‘Sonik Kicks’ album still unreleased, it took either balls, bravery or tenacity for the man to set foot onto the Roundhouse stage, in Camden, and play said album in its entirety. These days the Weller you see is much different to the Weller you hear. While his attire takes on threads of ever-increasing modness, his music has long since veered off the roundabout of expected respectability and taken a left turn of experimentation and seeming wilful perversity. To be continued Here

Andy Sturmey's Gallery

Telegraph review (**)

Roundhouse nights Pictures by Andy Sturmey.

Roundhouse first night: Times review (Thanx to Splinters)

There was a time, seven or eight years ago, when Paul Weller appeared to be cruising towards the comfort zone reserved for the middle-aged rock star. He had recorded an album of cover versions and his shows were heavily upholstered with hits from the past. The opening night of his residency at the Roundhouse could not have been more of a contrast. Rigorous, forward-looking and without a hint of complacency, Weller, 53, began with a performance, in its entirety, of his brilliant new album, Sonik Kicks, released this week. In a three-piece suit and with his tinsel-top coiffure arranged just-so, the ageing dandy whipped straight into the psychedelic chant ofGreen. With a five-man band, including two percussionists, providing a dense, briskly-syncopated backdrop, Weller barked out the harsh lyric of Kling I Klang with an unforgiving jut of the chin. The mood changed dramatically for Sleep of the Serene and By The Waters, during which a small string section weighed in with a symphonic passage that recalled the psychedelic heyday of the Beatles. The wondrous thing about Weller is how his songs have got more edgy and adventurous the longer he’s gone on. He can’t seem to write hits any more but the current single, That Dangerous Age, is a brilliant evocation of middle-aged angst — albeit conveyed as a third person narrative just in case you thought such problems had anything to do with the singer himself. Weller has never been a man to waste time on pleasantries. “The night is young,” he
ventured at one point. But even when his wife, Hannah Andrews, joined him on stage to sing Study in Blue, there were no introductions, let alone any hint of sentimentality. Rather, there was a nagging sense of urgency in his performance, a restless impatience to get on with the next thing, which he retains from his punk roots. There are no audience sing-alongs or jollying-up moments during a Weller gig — and quite right too. Even the interval was a brusque five minutes after which Weller reappeared with an acoustic guitar and re-started the show with English Rose, the only Jam song of the night, and really the only point at which he played the nostalgia card.
The acoustic stretch which followed included a poignantly reworked version of Out Of The Sinking and an emollient Devotion. The band then returned to electric guitars for a string of older songs including Stanley Road, Foot of the Mountain and The Changing man. The show ended as abruptly as it had begun, with rampaging versions of Echoes Round the Sun and Whirlpool’s End. There were no encores and no prisoners taken.


Weller the Mumper?

‎'I really liked The Mumper, I thought the book was great' - Paul Weller. Hear why The Modfather loved the book so much, he gave us the song 'No Need To Be Alone' for it. Full interview 1 hour 30 minutes into the broadcast. (Bax)

Gary Crowley Show

Paolo Hewitt and Marx Baxter's "Outside Bet", soon!

Watch the trailer Here!

Paul Weller unreleased track on the Soundtrack "No Need to be alone"...