Paul Weller Gives 'Tame' scene a swift kick (Billboard)...

Artists with three and a half decades on the clock rarely sound this way, but then with that sort of track record, they aren't often still at the top of both their creative form and the charts.

"I find a lot of music really tame," muses Paul Weller, "and this is my reaction against that. I'm trying to stir something up, I suppose, in my mind, and just get people excited about music again."

Those could almost be words spoken by the angry young man who first broke into the British charts just before his 19th birthday, spitting out the lyrics of The Jam's new wave rabble-rouser "In The City." But as a well-traveled 53-year-old, Weller has lost none of his spirit of adventure, and his massive audience continues to accompany .... TBC HERE

Personal NB: Don't dream to the back of million copies seller in a week, we are sepaking about 24 000 copies from Monday to Thursday...

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