Look, you know what happened to Winston...

Jimmy Winston with the Fakers

Thanx to Matt Bond...

Jimmy Winston did an acoustic set before the Small fakers one.

An interview by John Hellier: Jump!


A gift from Flavio: Respond productions (due to very popular demand, believe me)!

(Something I did during an insomniac nite, last nite actually... :) Nothing special, maybe it's interesting for the single versions of Dr Love (bside of The House..) and Call Me cos they werent reissued on CD by Trattoria Japan. Here's some words I've written for those who missed the "Respond years"... no big deal LOLOL)

In 1982 Tracie Young, 17 years old, sent a tape in reply to an advert on Smash Hits. Couple of months later she was on TV, miming backing vocals side by side with Paul Weller for the last ever appearence of The Jam at ToTP. And later for the debut single of The Style Council! Respond Records "the british Motown" (hahaha) was born... In the next 3 years Weller wrote, or co-wrote, some tracks for Tracie's solo career, and also produced her records and sometimes played most of the instruments with the help of Mick Talbot.

So what we have? "Nothing Happens Here But You" (Weller) sounds really like a Style Council song "Cafe Bleu" era."(When You) Call Me" (Weller) was released as "Tracie Young" by Polydor just after Respond was closed and is a TSC song from Our Favourite Shop era.
"Far From The Hurting Kind" (Weller) I included the rarish demo version, the original was on the album of the same name, and it's Tracie's fave song, to the point she fought with Paul to have it released as a single, unsuccesfully. "I Think You're Lucky" (Weller/Young) released only in Japan in the 90s was probably meant for the second album, never published. "The Boy Hairdresser"(Weller) the B-side of her second hit single, another example of 'syntethic soul/pop'
"Doctor Love" (Weller) a song Paul gave to Bananarama too. Here's the B-side from the vinyl single, different from the album version. "Souls on Fire" (Weller/Young) 12" extended mix, was a Style Council backing track that Tracie liked and asked to finish. "Fingers Crossed" (Weller/Young) same as "Lucky". "Spring Summer Autumn" (Weller) is a cover of the TSC acoustic B-side. Bonus track of this collection the lovely 2008 recording of "Nothing Happens Here But You" made in a small radio station studio with just a keyboard and her voice. I still think this version deserves to be recorded properly and released!

Enjoy the cap


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Wapping Wharf Site

Paul Weller in New York, September 2008.

Paul Weller in New York

Thanx once again to Manu, and to the original taper and uploader. I don't remember how I got this gig, so write me if you want to be credited and/or if there's any problem.



Latest about Weller at the Beeb by Andy! Support reflex!

The latest info is that the limited Edition print will only be with copies of the Vinyl or DVD format, but as most of you will be ordering one or both of these it shouldn't be a problem.

Second note is that I have been tipped off that the 4CD Edition will be as Limited (or more so) than the 22 Dreams Deluxe Edition so please get your orders in so that I may order a crazy amount with the supplier in case I get cut back. (To cut to the chase, if I order 250 and get 'cut back' I will recieve 150 etc)
So without further ado here are the details Anyone with new credit card details of change of address please send that also, link at bottom. Cheers to everyone for waiting and for your tremendous loyalty to me and Reflex.
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After a fantastic 50th year with the awesome 22 Dreams, Paul Weller tops the year off with a superb set of BBC Recordings from his solo career. This mammoth set shows his progress and sheer brilliance through live shows, studio radio sessions and TV appearances. Available across four great formats, this is the man in his element.

First of all, there is a 4CD hardback book mega-Limited Edition - be aware this is going to be as limited as the 22 Dreams Book Set, so get in early with pre-orders. 74 tracks across the four discs and a 64-page book make this a must-have piece.

o "Weller at the BBC" is a stunning, 74-track, all-digitally remastered, 4-CD hard-back book set of exclusive BBC sessions and live concert tracks from 1990-2008, fully sanctioned by Weller and including his introduction to the liner notes.

o Includes alternative versions of 19 classic hit singles - Hung Up, Out Of The Sinking, Wild Wood, The Changing Man, You Do Something To Me, Uh Huh Oh Yeh, Peacock Suit, Brushed, Brand New Start, Wishing On A Star, Thinking Of You, Come On / Let's Go, Above The Clouds, Sunflower, Broken Stones, Speak Like A Child, My Ever Changing Moods, All I Wanna Do (Is Be With You) and That's Entertainment.

o Discs One and Two feature key session tracks from 1992-2008. Includes 40 unreleased versions, many with interview snippets and Paul's song introductions. Many of these sessions are showcasing material from new or forthcoming albums and are presented in band versions as well as solo, acoustic settings.

o There are some rare gems within these sessions including an exhilarating rendition of Ronnie Lane's 1974 single The Poacher from 1997. From 2006 are highlights of Radio 2's Sold On Song where Paul, armed with acoustic guitar, provided a fascinating song-writing tutorial as he explained the
process behind Amongst Butterflies, Frightened and That's Entertainment, amongst others.

o From July this year are stunning interpretations of All I Wanna Do (Is Be With You), Cold Moments and Push It Along from the recent critically-acclaimed, no. 1 album 22 Dreams.

o Discs Three and Four feature 34 of the best live concert tracks from six BBC-recorded shows during 1990-1998, including an early solo gig at the Town and Country Club from December 1990 with previously-unreleased tracks
Just Like Yesterday (a Weller original) and The Isley Brothers' Work To Do. Another unreleased song is Marvin Gaye's classic What's Going On from Royal Albert Hall October 1992.

o Also featured is the triumphant July 1995 headlining performance at the Phoenix Festival where he performs dazzling versions of live favourites Porcelain Gods, Stanley Road, Can You Heal Us (Holy Man) & Shadow Of The Sun.

o Includes a 64-page booklet with extensive new sleeve notes, brand new interviews with Paul Weller, Noel Gallagher, Bobby Gillespie, Tim Burgess, Steve White and others. The booklet features scores of rare and unseen photos from the Lawrence Watson archive.

A 2CD 'highlights' version will also be available, and a stunning DVD set will incorporate the best of Paul's TV slots on Later & The Electric Proms, as well as some classic TOTP appearances, plus extras.

Finally, a mega-limited 3LP vinyl set will also be available, featuring two BBC 'Live In Concert' sets and the Radio 2 documentary, Sold On Song.

Altogether a stellar release and a must-have for all Weller fans. Cover shot on the Reflex website at

o 4CD Hardback Book Edition £27.99
o 2CD Highlights set £14.99
o 3LP vinyl set £23.99
o DVD £15.99

*Each pre-order will receive an exclusive Limited Edition Paul Weller print, while stocks last.

Shipping as usual
UK - 50p per item
Europe - £1 first then 50p thereafter
Rest of World - £2 first then £1 thereafter


Capt Stax' Treasures, Andy Lewis Interview (brilliant!)

Andy Lewis (extracts): "I haven't had any grief but the grief that Steve Pilgrim got from some of the people in the audience was shocking. It was like, who are they there to see? Are they there to see Paul or are they there to see Steve White? Alright, Steve White is a fantastic drummer, and it would have been great to play with him, but Steve Pilgrim is no slouch behind the kit. He's brilliant. The only thing that annoys me slightly is that, when I got into Paul Weller, he inspired me to have a very open mind and to welcome change. He reinvented himself with the Style Council, and brought me into a lot of new kinds of music by doing that. So, you'd think that Weller fans would be into reinvention and change, but they're not are they? They like things the way they are, sometimes. What I think is great is the response most people have given us to the new album. I had a tiny part to play in it but I'm really proud of the fact that I was involved with something that was as well received both critically and commercially. Change is a good thing, to me." (...)


Secret Affair Story by Mick. The SF convention, the place to be!

For those too young to remember.............
Secret Affair, consisting of Ian Page (vocals, trumpet, piano, organ), David Cairns (guitar, backing vocals), Dennis Smith (bass, backing vocals), and Seb Shelton (drums), formed in 1978. Taking their inspiration from the Jam, the group was quickly seen as one of the shining stars of the mod revival movement of the late '70s. They received their most important early exposure by supporting the Jam on small-scale tours in England and followed with several mod package tours with bands such as the Purple Hearts. Their first single, "Time for Action," was the perfect youth anthem for the time and certainly one the most memorable and successful of the movement. The band released its first album, Glory Boys, late in 1979 on their own label, I-Spy (distributed by Arista in the U.K. and Sire in the U.S.). Both the album and their subsequent singles charted, but by the time 1980's Behind Closed Doors was released, the revival was dissolving and they were too firmly rooted in the movement to change their arrogant stance. The band began to break up when drummer Seb Shelton left in 1980. They held on until 1982, releasing one more album, Business as Usual, to an uninterested public; the members went their separate ways shortly after its release.

Secret Affair first slid into the U.K.'s consciousness in September 1979 with their exhilarating debut single "Time for Action," which danced its way to number 13 in the charts. Britain was in the grip of a mod revival, spearheaded by the success of the Jam, and Secret Affair were perfectly placed to take advantage of the prevailing mood. Although their follow-up 45, "Let Your Heart Dance," stalled in the lower reaches of the Top 30, their debut album, which included both songs, was eagerly anticipated. Glory Boys didn't disappoint and quieted any sneering suggestions that this new crew of mods were merely Jam wannabes. Of course Secret Affair shared influences with their bigger brethren — Tamla Motown and British beat bands — but from them the group fashioned a unique style far removed from the Jam's own. This was partially due to singer Ian Page bringing his trumpet to the proceedings, gracing Affair with a much more genuine retro sound, while also adding further exhilaration to the music. Page's horn solo on "Don't Look Down" (with nods to, of all things, the E Street Band) just cooks — it also punches up the aforementioned "Dance," and is vital to their cover of the Miracles' "Going to a Go-Go." The Jam were so impressed by the authenticity brass gave to Affair's sound that they promptly began including some on their own records. But of equal importance was Affair's attitude; they reveled in their modness, and their upbeat mood had little in common with Paul Weller's angst and alienation. This stance is clearest on the album's centerpiece, "Glory Boys" itself. A rousing mod-like punk exhortation of mod pride, it immediately became the movement's anthem for parka-clad youth across the nation. Secret Affair had arrived in definite style. The CD reissue appends two bonus tracks to the original album — the rocking "Soho Strut" and "Sorry, Wrong Number," the closest a mod band could get to Two Tone without using a syncopated beat. Both were previously released as B-sides on "Time for Action" and "Dance," respectively.


John is Back! :)

Right Guys, I'm back in business. Big thanks to those that have keep the Convention momentum going during my absence, you know who you are. The 12th annual Small Faces bash, this coming Sunday 21st September at the Carling Academy Islington (0400-1100), promises to be the biggest and best so far with no fewer than 9 superb acts on the day. 7 hours of Small Faces..pure bliss!
Special mention must go to this years special guests Secret Affair who have reformed and have recently played to packed out audiences in London and the Isle Of Wight. Along with The Jam they were the biggest band to come out of the late 70s Mod revival era and to see them play a Small Faces set in 2008 is totally unique. A pure one-off and not to be missed! Together with The Small Fakers, Small World, 17Black, RT3, Petty Hoodlums, Visitors, Fuzz Face and Matt Henshaw this promises to be a day to remember. THERE WILL BE TICKETS AVAILABLE ON THE DAY £20 See ya there.........John Hellier


Weller strikes back in Wiltern: The second night.

Wiltern, LA, September the third, Disc one
Wiltern, LA, September the third, Disc two

Taped and Mastered by JB as .flac files. Sorry fot the lossy format. Will change it asap. Didn't realise JB doesn't want to release it as mp3. The taper is always right, eh! If you're in trouble with .flac files, just ask.


The Wiltern, Los Angeles, September the 2nd. (MP3, 320)

Huge thanx to the original .flac recorder and uploader. I've converted it in 320 kbps.
Thanx to Manu "Faster than light" Gomez for Work and Talent!


TCT concert. 320 kbps. Another Manu's cover...

Note (courtesy of Cpt Stax, the real boss), Beware of falling rocks is a Steve Cradock's song from his forhtcoming album.

Won't get fooled again.

My so good friend Mike talked to me about Legendary folk singer Richie Havens and he was RIGHT. I knew the man but not really the music and the last LP is really great... There's even a very good cover of "Won't get fooled again"... I've tried the music and I can't stop playing this LP...

Official Web Site

The Wikipedia article

Audio Sample and MySpace



Rimini Reuploaded...

We had some problems with the Rimini's gig but it's fixed. Enjoy, courtesy of Manu.
Dedicated to all our fellow italian Splinterites! :)

Rimini 1
Rimini 2
Rimini 3
Rimini 4


The World Cafe Link (From Heavysoul Dave!)

Paul Weller (300)

Set List
  • "Light Nights"
  • "Why Walk When You Can Run"
  • "All I Wanna Do (Is Be With You)"
  • "Pretty Flamingo"

World Cafe, September 4, 2008 - British pop icon Paul Weller has described his new double-disc album, 22 Dreams, as "a year in my life." It tracks Weller's course through the changing seasons, even including the sounds of a rainstorm through the open door at his Black Barn studio. Maintaining remarkable cohesion amidst a kaleidoscope of influences from rock and soul to classical, Weller can always be counted on for a refreshingly ambitious and edgy effort. In a session with host David Dye, the former Jam frontman performs material from 22 Dreams.

Decades after the dissolution of his bands The Jam and Style Council, Weller remains one of the most influential Britpop acts of the past 30 years. He got his start as the frontman for the late-'70s new-wave punk band The Jam, which came from modest beginnings to become a force atop the British charts. The Jam helped established Weller as one of the most visible and imitated rock artists of all time, but he further experimented with his sound upon the creation of The Style Council, which melded pop, jazz, soul and more. Since the end of The Style Council in 1989, Weller has cranked out a wide variety of albums on his own.

Not the arctic ones...

"The warmth and ease...suggest Dr Robert might do a Richard Hawley yet" UNCUT

"Musicians with fire in their bellies....flashes of brilliance" MOJO

"Their first album in 18 years still finds the frontman in fine voice, Robert

continues to sound like he dresses only in velvet and smokes cigarillos" Q

"If the Devils Tavern had a lock-in, you’d stumble out dawn, blinking, your head heavy but your heart won forever" Record Collector.

Everyone knows the connection between Paul And Dr Robert, he played on stage with him and they worked together, I think Paul played on "Realms of gold" too. Have a listen?


Melody Gardot (the Mod Club). Thanx to Mike.

"EDITOR'S PICK ON CDBABY.COM"- Sleepy, sultry, brings to mind the jazz/pop hybrid of Norah Jones.....enriched with sophisticated jazz harmonies, Melody Gardot delivers some beautifully smokey songs....One very nice album here.

"BOLD & STRIKING MUSIC" -It's a trick of alchemy that awful pain and uncertainty can give rise to such bold and striking music. - City Paper Philadelphia

"TRULY IMPECCABLE" -Melody has overcome a great obstacle in her life; a terrible accident in which a car hit her on her bicycle leaving numerous serious injuries which she is still coping with to this day. Her CD was recorded bedside while still recovering. If this isn't the most passionate display of an artist in love with their craft I don't know what is.- IAC Radio

"Oh, my my. You only get one life, but it aint no life at all unless you download this and fall instantly in love with it" (Brigthon Wizard)

Check her myspace and listen the complete LP.

All infos on her website


Check Paul Weller news!

Check Paul Weller news to get the Weller/Kingsmill's interview.

Back at work blues?

Well, It's been a favourite of many splinterites this summer... Enjoy this Lp and take a look at the Ocean... The Pacific one.