Capt Stax' Treasures, Andy Lewis Interview (brilliant!)

Andy Lewis (extracts): "I haven't had any grief but the grief that Steve Pilgrim got from some of the people in the audience was shocking. It was like, who are they there to see? Are they there to see Paul or are they there to see Steve White? Alright, Steve White is a fantastic drummer, and it would have been great to play with him, but Steve Pilgrim is no slouch behind the kit. He's brilliant. The only thing that annoys me slightly is that, when I got into Paul Weller, he inspired me to have a very open mind and to welcome change. He reinvented himself with the Style Council, and brought me into a lot of new kinds of music by doing that. So, you'd think that Weller fans would be into reinvention and change, but they're not are they? They like things the way they are, sometimes. What I think is great is the response most people have given us to the new album. I had a tiny part to play in it but I'm really proud of the fact that I was involved with something that was as well received both critically and commercially. Change is a good thing, to me." (...)

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