Did you get the Wrong gift for Xmas? No Problem, Nick Churchill is your new super hero!

You know what I mean, a "good" friend came home with an awful rap or R'n'B second class compi for Xmas and he gave it to you, you had to listen it all night long... yet again Mom offered you a brand new tie with the perfect pair of socks (but you have seven versions of the same set already...)?

A friend of mine, and it's a true story, told me on the phone that his sister offered him the same record as last Xmas! And...it was Muse's Hullabaloo on CD, gosh...He was slightly disappointed... ;) Does she hate him? ;)
Nick Churchill is the new X-Man and he has super powas!

Don't worry there's a solution and you can still find a classy book to repair that mistake. ;) Nick Churchill's book Yeah Yeah Yeah: The Beatles & Bournemouth is there to heal the pain! Nick's book is absolutely amazing if you're a Beatles fan and if you're a Bournemouth fan - and even if you're neither a Beatles nor a Bournemouth fan!
We've all seen many pictures, a billion Beatles' photos, but believe me, you never saw these ones before... Imagine the Fab Four with the delightful "French" sixties pop girl, Louise Cordet! She's been educated at the French lycee of Kensington and her father was a World War 2 hero... She is in the book, torn between the Beatles and another sixties band, Gerry and the Pacemakers! She's been a one hit wonder since 1962.
And that's right at the start. The entire book is a surprise. All book long you can discover new photos which came from outtaspace Bournemouth! The Beatles with BJ Kramer and the Dakotas to remind us how fresh they looked and how fragile they were at that time, running with many bands to stand still... And it wasn't sure at all... They look like very young kids having a big party and who don't know when and where it's gonna flop...You can see them on the roof of a Bournemouth theatre, playing with toys to promote a television show. It's just the beginning of a flashy new England after all the post-War years in black and white...

The book is full of anecdotes which prove the Beatles' impact. Did you remember that the Dowlands Brothers had a minor hit with a cover of All My Loving? Did you remember that the first film of the Beatles seen on American TV had been shot in Bournemouth? You can also sense the very beginnings of Beatlemania and that very beautiful event - the birth of an English youth cult...the Mods phenomenon is not so far away and first-generation Bournemouth Mods recalls their run-ins with the Beatles!

That's what I see in this awesome work and collection of photos, the birth of the right to be young, the right to talk, express yourself, dance, have some fun, have a personal life. That's the real point here. So NIck's Fantastic labour of love is a great job. This is definitely a must have for any fan of the Beatles, of music, of the sixties or, indeed, any mod!

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