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InfluencesElliot Smith, Radiohead, Nick Drake, Paul Simon, The Band, Levon Helm, Paul Weller, David Bowie, Jeff Buckley, Joni Mitchell, Johnny Cash, Ray Lamontagne, Fleet Foxes, Talking Heads, The Beatles, John Lennon, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Roberta Flack, Mitch Mitchell, Ginger Baker, Gene Kruppa, Buddy Rich (Playing only), Chris Sharrock, Fred Astair, Sophie Solomon, Yoshio Akeboshi, Steve Cradock, Bill Hicks, Eddie Izzard, Foundation 33, Grabba Grabba Tape, The Fools, and all those liverpool noise makers.... The Cuckolds, The Bandwagon era, John Power, The Kambourines, Peter and the Wolf, Shack, Martin Smith and the liverpool jazz fraternity. Tea no sugar, strong with plenty of milk.


Beatles Unseen... Courtesy of Simon Cooper, the gentleman... He sent me the sunday times issue.

Japanese Jam!

Hi Gang, I'm still without connection (I know it's unbelievable...Three weeks) and I try to do my best to feed the blog but there's many fonctions I can't access here due to professional restrictions... So here is a boot of The Jam in Japan. Don't know where it comes from, It's our good fellow Ian S. who gave it to me. So thanx very much!

PS: Actually, it comes from Gobshyte's blog, check the comments and you'll know everything about the truth! :)


The Cover boy.

I've published some complete scans of some articles. If you want another one, ask it, I'll scan it asap.
Best. Noconnectionman.


Connett in Brighton!

Check the movie on a youtube channel. Brilliant quality...

I'm so sorry but i'm still without connection... It's the slow motion blog.


The lost and found treasure... Ronnie Lane's studio, by John Hellier.

Yesterday I got a call from good friend and colleague Mark Cunningham (Total Production) with a message along the lines of "You'll never guess in a million years where I am?" " Standing inside the LMS (Lanes mobile studio)". Ronnie Lanes mobile studio lost for the last 30 years had turned up at a trade show at Earls Court. Last heard of in the early 80s when Ronnie, being stone broke, sold it to get funds to re-locate to the States. At that time it was in poor condition having been vandalised by yobs whilst parked outside the council house that Plonk was living in at the time in North London. Many people including brother Stan and documentary maker Rupert Williams had spent years seeking it out with no joy and all the time it had been less than 30 miles from London. Now lovingly restored by owner Mark St John (Pretty Things manager) it is in full working "Analogue" order. A bit of a looker to, its the classic US Airstream model. Mark St John invited me down to give it the once over and has even offered its use to record a very special Ogdens show that myself and Mark Cunningham are putting on in London late next year. WOW!!

John Hellier


Dot Allison and Paul Weller, courtesy of Brighton' Mike.

An exclusive song and a podcast about her career .. 23 minutes into podcast she talks about Weller and Love's Got Me Crazy

Love's got me crazy
Haunted and aching
You can find it a shock
To know that you've arrived
Such a precious event
You know how hard to acquire it..

Black clouds I can't see them
Darkness has no home tonight
All that is said that is not a given
We're going to try, we're going to try

Love's got me crazy
Haunted and aching

Steady as rocks
Two halves of one we cling
Ready or not
Who knows what life will bring..

Love's got you crazy
True love can take it..

Beat Surrender site rate:

Love’s Got Me Crazy is the delightful acoustic ballad that has Allison and Weller in perfect unison, while it’s lead very much by the Modfather, it wouldn’t be the same track without the softer and more gentle female vocal provided by Allison. A good sign for the new album and a great single in it’s own right, it’s out now

DL The Podcast
Official Website


9.9.9 Beatles For Sale... Again...

Hi Gang! I try to keep the contact even if the internet co is still down... Well, Rock band and remastered (at last) Beatles released today... And now we know the truth, all the legends about secret and dark stories about the Beatles were true! McCa is dead, Lucy in the sky with Diamond was a drug song, We can hear "We'lle fuck you like supermen" if you play the tape reverse... And Helter Skelter was the crime signal for Manson!
Why? Oh check the date and put it upside down 666. Devil's music? Just kiddin and will buy the best LPs remastered. Fourth times after Vinyl and Tape and cd... Sometimes, it's nice to forget the mony you spent!


The Master Colony, LP Free download.

The complete LP : free download, courtesy of Alistair Sheerin, the songwriter.

The band has completely changed since this first LP. Alli was only sixteen when he wrote it. An amazing carnation of promises. I'm sure he won't crush its tender petals...

Write a comment please! Later we'll try to help the band another way... Enjoy.

Check their Facebook and Myspace.


All down the line, all the lines down...

I'm really really sorry but my internet is down due to a mistake of my connections' provider and probably for something like... TEN days... Have tons of extra things to post. Keep it warn for the return... I'm really sorry. Hope to see you soon. Will try to work a bit on the blog from other places but it won't be so easy of course. I'm not so angry... Just like Jack Nicholson at the end of Shining!


Yann (Will check my mails sunday.)


George and Jeff. I'm going down to Liverpool all the days of my life...

Many of you know that I recently performed at the George Harrison tribute concerts in Liverpool. While I was there I also appeared on the BBC playing a few George tracks and my band The Badge has made them (along with a bonus studio track) available via our website.

You can download the EP directly here:

You can also read more about the tracks via www.thebadge.com.