The lost and found treasure... Ronnie Lane's studio, by John Hellier.

Yesterday I got a call from good friend and colleague Mark Cunningham (Total Production) with a message along the lines of "You'll never guess in a million years where I am?" " Standing inside the LMS (Lanes mobile studio)". Ronnie Lanes mobile studio lost for the last 30 years had turned up at a trade show at Earls Court. Last heard of in the early 80s when Ronnie, being stone broke, sold it to get funds to re-locate to the States. At that time it was in poor condition having been vandalised by yobs whilst parked outside the council house that Plonk was living in at the time in North London. Many people including brother Stan and documentary maker Rupert Williams had spent years seeking it out with no joy and all the time it had been less than 30 miles from London. Now lovingly restored by owner Mark St John (Pretty Things manager) it is in full working "Analogue" order. A bit of a looker to, its the classic US Airstream model. Mark St John invited me down to give it the once over and has even offered its use to record a very special Ogdens show that myself and Mark Cunningham are putting on in London late next year. WOW!!

John Hellier


Tarkus said...

Love Plonk!

Ian said...

Thats so brilliant ! Ronnie was such a character. Is that all of kit he used in the photo ? What albums were recorded using it ? If anyone hasn't seen the Passing Show doc, see it. It'll restore your faith in human nature.