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Faces Archive problem fixed.

Hi Gang, Well, I don't know why but it's the third time I have to upload the Faces Video. After a few days, the files became the same for Sendspace and there's two part one or two part two. Same player: shoot again. Cover in an older post. Try... PART ONE

Splitted archive..


My Never changing mood.

Well, I'm gonna mark exams papers in the 15 next days and "face to face" exams, so I won't have much time. Will slow down on the blog a bit (I've some post in the cellars don't worry) and once, again: 0 comments, a very few thanx for designers, uploaders, not even a way to talk with someone about music. Should launch a magazine with fellow buddies and publish it a monthly way! I admit I had a bunch of thanx a week or two ago. Just tired and really busy by work! :)
See you as soon as possible. Enjoy all the music available.

Bruce Springsteen's gig review, Anvers, Yesterday.

Springsteen and the E Street Band are currently on tour in Europe and are earning accolades for their stellar performances. In a five-star review (out of five), London's Sunday Telegraph raved, "Bruce proves music can save your soul." The Observer called a London show "a performance of blood, sweat and tears." In another five-star review (out of five), Financial Times of London dubbed the concert "masterly, memorable and utterly exhilarating." The Daily Mail testified, "as good a show as I've ever seen."

Well, there's maybe nothin to add... If you've been a Bruce's gig you know, if you've never seen the E Street Band live, you don't. In the Sport Palace Arena (all the photos have been shot yesterday), I felt some feelings which are really on a very upper level than music, than "only" music. This man takes the crowd, looks in the eye the last row and think "In an hour, you'll stand up and you will be with us on stage" and he did. Whatever the music, it's an amazing performance and challenge he succeeded once again with the sweat and commitment of a working class hero.

The Continental european audiences have changed a lot for twenty years, they're really more rock and roll and ready to have that very big party open to everyone which is so typically British. The crowd was amazing and he felt the feed back. The sad note... Where's Danny? So long, brother, the Band will join you later to have the very last E Street band's concert.

It's really more than a gig, it's life, love, spirituality, communion, brotherthood, "part of the human happiness" and, really, a "reason to believe"... You can even forget for almost three hours (the boy is 60 in September, really good news for Paul, Keep the shape!) that life is not unfinished... Time wa suspended. It's a celebration of life by the way of music, not a gig or not really a gig. I really want to take young and old wankers, so called rock stars, who DON'T respect their audiences to the show. Look, listen. What do you think he still has to prove? Nothin'... but he does and he still plays "Born to run" like the first time ever.

He's not the Ex-Future of Rock'n'roll, he's still a true incarnation of the best "americana" rock'n'roll with deep roots in the best american culture. I wasn't really in the US music when I was a young kid because it was in the mood ("I'm so bored with the USA") but it was, of course, absolutely Stupid, as everytime you say "Every man, Every Woman, is, are"... you're gonna say something very stupid. And once upon a long time ago, I didn't know him at all, there was a TV Broadcast about american music and they spoke about that man... He was singing on the piano... Bruce Springsteen, the future of rock'n'roll...

Bruce is the essence, the quintessence of US rock'n'roll (with Tom Petty on the west coast?). Yesterday he brought us Soul and the Bruce's voice can burn, specially when he's on the "Darkness" edge side of his works. He also played tunes by request, the rare enough (or even very rare) Point Blank... And I'm a rocker for a tour premiere! He also had respect and looked many times the people Behind the stage. ( He respected them more than the Sport Palace management or the belgium tour manager who sold tix to be BEHIND the stage for 40£ and who changed the venue without consideration for the initial prize! I was 100 m far from the stage in Anvers and had an initial seat 25 m on the right of the stage on the first stadium. Of course, I've written, never had any answer...)

Well he took us, knocked us out, up and down with the great E Street Band Roller Coaster. Niels Lofgren went into a fantastic solo, swirling on a single foot around himself, completely out of mind by the beauty of what he was playing, Little Steven is the lifetime lieutenant, The Big Man looked a little bit tired but "we ain't that young anymore" or it was just a "I'm so cool" attitude and Soozie Tyrell add a feminine and elegant touch to the men's quartet behind her, the very discrete Gary W.Tallent, Magic Professor Roy Bittan, Mighty Max Weinberg (one of my favourite drummer in this style) and Charlie Giordano.

They ended by "American land", shown on the wide screen for everyone to call anyone to reconsider United States, Bruce even said there will be something new after 8 years of mistakes... It wasn't a stupid stubborn national anthem but a call to union and fraternity... Check the lyrics...
The McNicholas, the Posalski's, the Smiths, Zerillis, too The Blacks, the Irish, Italians, the Germans and the Jews Come across the water a thousand miles from home With nothin in their bellies but the fire down below They died building the railroads worked to bones and skin They died in the fields and factories names scattered in the wind They died to get here a hundred years ago they're still dyin now The hands that built the country were always trying to keep down

Honest, It was the "Promised land" or "Paradise by The C". I'm still dreamin. Paul Weller in Bournemouth and Bruce in Anvers in a month... What else could I ask? Am I only dreamin?

World is such a beautiful and heavenly place sometimes...

Real set list and the other one...

So Young and In Love { lyrics } / Radio Nowhere { lyrics } / The Ties That Bind { lyrics } / The Promised Land { lyrics } / Spirit In The Night { lyrics } / Magic { lyrics } / Trapped { lyrics } / 4th of July, Asbury Park / (Sandy) { lyrics } / Prove It All Night { lyrics }/ Thundercrack { lyrics } / Because The Night { lyrics } / She's The One { lyrics }/ Livin' In The Future { lyrics }/ Mary's Place { lyrics }/ Fire { lyrics }/ Point Blank { lyrics } The Rising { lyrics } / Last To Die { lyrics } / Long Walk Home { lyrics } / Badlands { lyrics }

I'm A Rocker { lyrics } [Tour Premier} / Born To Run { lyrics } / Thunder Road { lyrics }/ Glory Days { lyrics } / American Land { lyrics

BBC Jewels: Faces at the Beeb! Audio FM sound AND video. Artwork by Manu and more shows to come.

BBC Crown Jewels Faces Part One
BBC Crown Jewels Faces Part Two

(Splitted archive, so you have to wait to have the both parts to unrar. The second one is very very light, 623 kb, don't worry). Enjoy! The Faces at their best!

Well, don't know why but each time I upload the two parts of the video, it becomes the same... on Sendspace. Will reupload it asap for the third time!


"Magic" Monday.

Tonight live in Sport Palace Anvers (Belgium)

Yeah, I know, maybe not very Mod, but he's (amho) a great songwriter with a very good way to make short movies in an cinematographic way with a song. His performances are legendary and believe me, when you're in a BS show, it's a crowd communion and a rock'n'roll celebration. When I see the pleasure they have to play after 35 years of such a success, I think it's a lesson for every band. Not nostalgic at all and I DO like discovering new bands, new talents (even if sometimes I start to think, hey, the drummer should be in bed, he'll be late at school tomorrow!).
He never forgot where he comes from and there's a Guthrie/Dylan/Bragg aspects in his works I DO like. The Ghosts of Tom Joad was really a record for all the american underdogs... He's still in connection with the working class people. How many lost the connection?

A french journalist wrote this: "Bruce Springsteen? One of the best songwriter ever with one of the worst backing band ever. Give him The Faces and they'll blow the planet away!" (Nicolas Ungemuth, Rock&Folk).

Born to run, out to Belgium.

San Jose, 5th April 2008 A++

01. Intro 02. Out in the Streets 03. Radio Nowhere 04. Lonesome Day 05. Gypsy Biker 06. Something in the Night 07. Magic 08. Trapped 09. Reason to Believe 10. Prove it all Night 11. She's the One 12. Living in the Future 13. The Promised Land 14. Fire 15. Incident on 57th Street 16. Devil's Arcade 17. The Rising 18. Last to Die 19. Long Walk Home 20. Badlands
21. Encore 22. Detroit Medley 23. Born to Run 24. Glory Days 25. Bobby Jean 26. American Land

Part I
Part II
pw: sparkyibew (from Dino's place!)

Count Basie Theatre, Red Bank NJ

Description: This historic Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band show features
the Darkness on the Edge of Town and Born To Run albums in their entirety, plus encores. The band has never performed these albums in their entirety before. The Count Basie Theatre holds about 1500 and this was the band's first
performance in a venue this small in 30 years.The show was a benefit to raise money to renovate the historic Count Basie Theatre; it raised $3 million, with auction ticket prices ranging from $1,000 to $15,000 per seat.

The recording sounds quite good for an audience recording from the back of the orchestra. There is some crowd clapping, yelling, singing along, and a little talking, but it's not too obnoxious. The band drowns out the audience during most songs. I'd rate it 8.5/10.

Disc 1 - Darkness on the Edge of Town: 01 Intro - Rusty Young, Patti Scialfa, Brian Williams, Bruce Springsteen 02 Badlands 03 Adam Raised a Cain 04 Something in the Night 05 Candy's Room 06 Racing in the Street 07 The Promised Land 08 Factory 09 Streets of Fire 10 Prove It All Night 11 Darkness on the Edge of Town

Disc 2 - Born to Run 01 Bruce Intro 02 Thunder Road 03 Tenth Avenue Freeze-out 04 Night 05 Backstreets 06 Born to Run 07 She's the One 08 Meeting Across the River (w/ Mark Pender) 09 Jungleland

Disc 3- Encores 01 So Young and in Love 02 Kitty's Back 03 Rosalita 04 Raise Your Hand 05 Outro

part 01
part 02
part 03


C4 Session: new links. Bugs fixed.

Paul Weller C4 Session: Video Part one
Paul Weller C4 Session: Video Part two

(splitted archive, get the second part before unrar).

Thanx for people who thanx and ask me to fix it in a polite and cool way...Thanx to Manu and Marco.Be patient with the DL, servers are really often at maximum capacity on sunday.


Faces at the Fillmore 1970! by Ian S.

Faces at the Fillmore, part one

Faces at the Fillmore, part two
Faces at the Fillmore, part three

Ian S found it for you! :) Thanx man! :)

By the way, in the "Wicked Messengers" radio boot, the second song, "Three button hand me down" disappeared in the rar file, don't know why: here it is:

Three button hand me down "Wicked messenger version"

Splinterites play too (volume 2): A week end with Sweet Lou!

Fellow Splinterite Louis Edward Hallwas was born in Chicag IL USA on February 10th, 1973.

Surrounded by his Parent’s records from the beginning, Bob and Margie encouraged him to play them, and play them often.

“My folks weren’t like a lot of the other kid’s parents. From what I could tell from school and the neighborhood anyway. They treated me like a human being from the beginning, and were always interested in what I did and what I liked. I’m sure I took it for granted, but not for long. They’ve been the biggest support to me. There wasn’t really any money to be doing so, but they’d take me 45 record shopping at least every other week. My first singles, which I still have, were “Let Em In” by McCartney and Wings and “Fox on the Run” by Sweet. My third was “King Tutt” by Steve Martin. I don’t know where that is now, but I still have his album “Get Small”, which is still brilliant!”

Pretending to be in bands and pretending to play guitar since 1978 at the very least, Lou tried to get other friends on board to be in these fake bands.

“I grew up with some brothers who lived across the street, and we would pretend to be KISS when I was five. From there, it was the Beatles. My older friend Max got me into the early 80’s British thing, and we had a long lasting fake band, Rapid Fire. We’d record ourselves singing other people’s songs, and even take credit in who wrote what in what song. Even at that age, being a songwriter and playing in a band was what I wanted to do. Eventually, as I’m a late bloomer in every sense, I started writing my own tunes around 1988…1989. They weren’t very good, but it was a start. I took lessons from Jeff Copeland from 1987 to about 1990. He had an ad up at the Guitar Center; no one else at school was doing it. He was a great teacher. I learned the lot from him. Keys, Chords, Scales, but really only digested what I needed to write and play the basics.”

Eventually, Lou joined his first band, at the invitation of his child-hood friend Max Jordan. It was 1989, and the band was eventually named “The Big Bang”. “Going out to Hoffman Estates every weekend to play with Mike and Chuck Lopez along with Max was it for me. The end of 1989 into the middle of 1990. Every weekend was spent out there working. We were playing covers, and it was great fun. Best way to get your feet wet playing with other people. It was so exciting to do, and the first time I played with anyone other than myself.”

In the Fall of 1992 Lou formed The Differents with two High School friends. “This was the start of everything. The culmination of playing by myself or along with records or the Big Bang. This is where I found my voice. This incarnation lasted about a year and a half. We put out one EP on tape, and I think it still stands up today. Not bad for 20 year olds I think.”

In October 1994, Dan Garrity joined the band and became Lou’s foil for the next 10 years. “It was the 2nd time I felt an instinctual and non-verbal bond between a musician and myself. It took us awhile to let it run itself, and how to run it, but once we put in the time, we were playing all kinds of music; Latin, Soul, New Orleans styled Funk, Reggae and putting it all together in our own blend. Never a conscious effort to do something in this style or that, but just playing, and then later on seeing that we were. It was amazingly fun and gratifying!”


Pacific Ocean Blue reissue. (The John's interview, extended version).

John "Science" Hellier told us (check the interview) than Paul listens this record these days and than it was an influence for 22 Dreams (fifth song of Dennis' Lp is "the dreamer")

Dennis Wilson's Holy Man

"Dennis Wilson was the bad boy of the Beach Boys and his album Pacific Ocean Blue is regarded by many to be a long lost classic. Sony BMG reissued the record this week, along with material from Bambu, a project Wilson never completed before his death in 1983. For the reissue, Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins added vocals to Holy Man, a Wilson instrumental. This is the video premiere, featuring previously unseen footage of the former Beach Boy."

Check the video

Amazon.co.uk Review (Not an ad...)
Apart from the non-release of Smile, the biggest lament of hardcore Beach Boys fans is that Bruce Johnston aside, none of the non-Brian Wilson solo albums are available on CD. But now, for fans of late drummer Dennis Wilson, there's reason to celebrate as his only-released solo album gets the reissue it deserves. Widely acknowledged as the finest Beach Boys solo effort, it's now presented with clarity, allowing the full sonic palette--the punch of opening "River Song" for example--to be heard in its intended glory. Wilson's raspy vocal may have been past its prime, but it's still affecting and ably supported by the sumptuous production values he gave the album. With high quality tracks such as the funky "Dreamer" and the poignant "Farewell My Friend", this will appeal to anyone with even a passing interest in The Beach Boys, as well as a delight for hardcore fans as the unreleased tracks (from the unfinished follow-up Bambu), easily match the original's quality.
While the disappointing absence of earlier singles ("Lady" or "Sound of Free") prevents this from being a definitive career anthology, this is as essential a Beach Boys artefact as Pet Sounds or Sunflower/Surf's Up. -–Thom Allott
Thanx, once again, to Simon Franklin.

The Legendary Faces live BBC 1970: Wicked messengers.

"We were'nt revolving around Rod Stewart, We were revolving around Ronnie Lane. Ian McLagan


The Never Ending John Hellier's Interview, INside INsight #1

Well, I have so many captivating discussions with John Hellier, I suggested him the idea of a never ending interview about Paul Weller's and everything revolving around our so dear mod thing! Of course, Gentleman John accepted and it's the first issue of an imaginary never ending interview, this is called "INside INsight" because of John's relations in the music world (you can't imagine it....). Imagine something else, every time you have a question about Mod, you can dial John's number and ask. The Answer is always interesting, complete, and John's Knowledge is amazing. He's an original mod and not like me a second hand one! :) Hats off to the master! :) Let's start the Inside Insight first issue with a very important question for any mod, hair cut! In the sixties, the french hairdresser Fernand Gautier, member of the syndicate de la haute coiffure masculine and of the comité artistique de la coiffure française told mods how to cut the new french line (Richard Barnes' book Mods). So here's my first question. Three, two, one... INside INsight, Clap! I've added as links as possible, Enjoy! :)

Yann: You know it, John, there’s much discussions about Paul’s hair cut and hair cuts are very important in the Mod Mod world, so what? What’s the inside insight? Also 22 Dreams is number one and critically acclaimed, so what’s on Paul’s stereo? New influences? Please John, can’t wait, the truth.

John: The two separate questions, the hair cut and the music, are very closely related actually. Paul is very much on an early 1970’s trip at the moment and he’s re-listening to albums that he bought when he was at school. Stuff like Stevie Wonder’s “Talking Book”, early Rod “Gasoline Alley” in particular, early Faces, Bowie (particularly “Hunky Dory” and “Ziggy”), Fairport Convention, Free, Richie Havens, Crosby Stills and Nash (and Young!), Gram Parsons, Cat Stevens, Nick Drake, Spooky Tooth’s first two albums and Elton’s (would you believe) “Tumbleweed Connection”. Long before he became the thing he is today Elton’s early albums with Bernie Taupin were critically acclaimed. He was among the first of those singer/songwriters that lost there way after a few good uns! Paul and I share love of all things Beach Boys and Paul has been re-discovering some of their lesser known 70’s albums things like “Holland” and “Carl And The Passions”.

Another big favourite is Beach Boy Dennis Wilson’s solo effort from 1977 “Pacific Ocean Blue”. For what it’s worth we also share our favourite album of all time “Pet Sounds” (McCartney also), which is the only album that I know of that can best be described as, not funky or soulful (although it is in it’s own way), but beautiful, yeah all too beautiful!. 22 Dreams, which really is Paul’s equivalent of the Fabs White Album, certainly carries influences from Paul’s past but he’s always got an eye on the contemporary scene and often raves about some obscure act that I’ve never even heard of. And, of course, from the early 1970’s comes the feather cut hair style, best displayed by Rod circa 1971, Woody and possibly Mick Ronson. Even Bowie’s at the time wasn’t a million miles away ('London Boys, your flashy clothes are your pride and joy...'). Paul is taking a bit of stick, from his die hard fans, at the moment (even Jonathan Ross had a go) for the barnet and perhaps, only perhaps, it’s a bit flimsy to carry the style off. Anyway, Paul at 50 is Paul!

He’ll do what he wants and won’t be swayed by public opinion. The bottoms of his trousers are getting wider as well! Of course, he still loves Soul, Lee Dorsey, Small Faces and The Beatles but his musical taste is getting ever wider and why not? D’ya know one of the most recent gigs he attended was Andy Williams at the Royal Albert Hall! (that’s quite surprising but there again Andy W. is a cool sort of guy himself!).
John Hellier.

Paul Weller's Mojo Awards Acceptance Speech 2008.

Thanx a lot to my good mate Simon Franklin.


Ian presents: The Amazing KINKS! Live. FM.

THE KINKS : LIVE at Electric Ladyland Studios, NYC 1986 / FM Broadcast

SONGLIST: 1- Around the Dial / Destroyer 2- Phobia 3- Drift Away 4- Only a Dream 5- Apeman 6- Harry Rag 7- Hatred 8- Come Dancing 9- Somebody Stole my Car 10- Low Budget.

BONUS TRAX: 1994 tour rehearsals- 11- Catch me/Tired of Waiting 12- Dedicated follower of Fashion 13- Tired of Waiting (2nd take) 14- Set me Free 15- Destroyer rave-up 16- Till The End of The Day

Also many sarcastic jabs directed at David Letterman for being bumped on Lettermans old NBC Late Nite show the previous evening; also a swipe at Howard Stern. Very loose, very rockin' show.

Part one
Part two

(Splitted archive, wait to have the complete files to unrar).

Dean Rees SFA: Comment on the C box.

pvc: Had to order that Dean Rees cd its' boss!!!!!!!many thanks for the hook up.

22 dreams radio and TV sessions. Channel 4.

Artwork by Manu! :) Enjoy.

Audio links and Video links will be reuploaded...


Esbjorn Svensson is dead.

His parents gave him the taste of a mixed culture, jazz and classic. His admiration for Keith Jarrett made him form the swedish EST (Esbjorn Svensson Trio). The trio was somewhere between Thelonious Monk, Robert Wyatt and Radiohead. A very free and fresh jazz music with serenity and and a sense of emergency. Downbeat , famous us jazz magazine followed the trio since 2005. He died saturday near Stockholm of a diving accident. He was 44, married with two children. Their records, at my humble opinion of jazz lover, were very interesting and new, abolishing frontiers between different musical forms. It's a very sad loss.

BBC Article

Official Website

In a very Liz Miraglia Visual Style:


Orange Jam.

Orange Jam Link

Well, Splinters are so active around Paul's solo works, I think there's really no reason to add an old gig! :) Thanx a lot to Flav, Dave, Nigel, Mark Colley for the badge's idea, etc. Splinters rule better than ever! :) Thanx to Tomas Calvo and Manu Gomez.

Note from Flavio: "Orange Jam" was originally a splinters production by fellow dutch splinterite ramzi (dj el semtex), he did a beautiful and complete artwork too (I have lost when my old pc crashed). ramzi obtained the master recordings from somebody in the media, and, in classic splinters spirit, shared it with the list members. if you see this bootleg on sale (ebay or elsewhere) let me or Yann know. splinters products are not for sale, and so they should remain.


Sweet Felicity Arkwright, volume two!

Hey, many questions around Dean and SFA. Actually Dean heard about the post and he told me the inside truth.

There is some confusion on the CD and the band. Officially The band is called SWEET FELICITY ARKWRIGHT, and this is our first album(self titled).
Little story, I had an american agent and he thought it would be better to name the band Dean Rees band and SFA as THE ALBUM TITLE!!"

The band is currently recording an EP follow up of their self titled album 'SWEET FELICITY ARKWRIGHT'. The lineup consists of Dean Rees on Hammond Organ and Lead vocals, Nick Prince, Mollie Marriott,

Lee devine on Backing and Lead Vocals, Stefan John on Guitar, Lee Alloway on Drums and two guest Bass Players, Rob Butterfield and Ben Swidenbank. The band is an eclectic band of session musicians who are experienced from sounds of old/new and creating a new groove for today, Fresh and Groovy with a touch of Heavy! The History of the band from whom they have worked with is to say some what of a Rock'n'Roll Hall of fame, From Steve Marriott, Ronnie Wood, Pete Townshend right through to the Godfather of soul James Brown. They have worked with the greatest and now they wanna do their own thang!
Please enjoy the free samples on myspace and get down and dirty with Sweet Felicity Arkwright, coming to a venue near you soon.

Listen the samples here: Sweet Felicity Arkwright myspace

YUMMY! author: Fred Ah, for the days of gritty British blues bands, when Humble Pie and its like walked the earth. We can't bring them back but this CD gives you the best of what's available today. Crack musicianship that will leave you bopping. Heartily recommended!

Real soul, real rock, real Hammond author: Adam S. Leslie This man is a keyboard genius, and a top-grade singer and songwriter. This is proper old-school Hammond soul-rock. Want a successor to Three Dog Night, Bad Company or Humble Pie? Fed up of your heroes selling out with synths? This is the place to come. It's not just Hammond nostalgia, though. There's some real songwriting in here too. Smilin' Joe is horribly catchy - are ya feelin' all right? - and tracks like The Blacksmith, Slide Rider and especially What's Going Down (my personal favourite) are more than the real deal. There are touches of psychedelic melody in here too - all the influences are mixed into a glorious whole. It's both authentic-sounding Americana and very very English. And it's a lot of fun too. This isn't a band which takes itself too seriously, as Dean's bawled Cockney intro to the 1970s cop show theme style Soul Patch and the chuckling at the very end of the album demostrates. I've no doubt a splendid time was had by all during the recording of the is LP, with Dean as the charismatic MC.


A MOD must have for sure: Dean Rees, "Sweet Felicity arkwright"

I've been much impressed by that very great record, an amazing soulful one. Well, instead of tryin' to share my (rare) enthusiasm for that fantastic groovy LP, will let speak John Hellier who has written the Sleeve notes. Also look at the Guests list... Mollie Marriott And Tobi! Hope it will ring the bell for that very excellent cd. He also played with a post Stevie's Humble Pie line up and With fellow splinterite Brent Yeomans Black17's band. Believe me, it's really a must have for Small Faces / Humble Pie's fans. John's notes:

It is now eleven years since I first met the charismatic Dean Rees. I had been publishing the Small Faces magazine “Darlings Of Wapping Wharf Launderette” for a while and Dean had picked up on it and decided to write to me to express his passion for the Small Faces and all things connected. It was fairly common practise for fans to contact me (still is today) but something about Dean’s letter made it stand out from the rest and prompted me to react differently from my usual short, polite reply. Firstly he was a young lad in his teenage years and in an age when most teenagers were buying Spice Girls cds here was a young guy that knew what real music was all about. He was thirty years my junior but my heroes were his heroes and what’s more he knew his business. His knowledge on all things Small Faces was astonishing, most guys of his age wouldn’t have even heard of them but Dean knew the complete story inside out. Yes, I was impressed.

Although he lived a hundred miles away in Milton Keynes, I found out that he was regularly in my Essex manor; visiting relatives. I invited him round, he was a like-minded soul, couldn’t go wrong could it? Not only was I knocked out by this young kids knowledge, but he also knocked me sideways with the look! Marriott, aged 18, re-incarnated! I still remember the classic corduroy jacket Dean was wearing; I swear I’d seen it before in Lord John’s window back in 1966.

Even at this early stage Dean was writing prolifically and a recent listen to one of his ten-year-old cassette tapes confirms how good he was even back then. Apparently Dean was a failed drummer and failed guitarist before finding a Hammond Organ at his local rubbish tip! That was his birthing and the journey had begun.

Shortly afterwards Dean accompanied myself and Ronnie Lane’s brother, Stan, to the Ivor Novello awards in London to see The Small Faces receive a lifetime achievement award. The ticket price of £125 certainly wasn’t going to put him off! He just had to be there (so did I). We became good mates and it wasn’t long before we were sitting drinking tea with Stanley Unwin in Stanley’s back garden when the Professor asked him what he did for a living, to which Dean replied “The Hammond Organ”. Stanley’s reply being “Ah, yes, the Hammondy origolde all rotary spin it topple, round and round, oh folly!”………God bless ya, Stanley.

Dean’s early bands Colour Sergeant, Sargeant and Markus, with whom he cut an unreleased album, were all solid Rock outfits along the lines of Steve Marriott’s Humble Pie. Humble Pie being the biggest single influence on Dean’s career to date.

To say that his CV is impressive is surely the understatement of the century. Since appearing at my Steve Marriott Memorial concert in April 2001, at the London Astoria, Dean’s world has been a frenzy of playing with some of Rock and Roll’s finest. As well as appearing with mod favourites 17Black on that memorable night Dean’s Hammond services were required that same evening by the likes of Zak Starkey and Rabbit Bundrick’s house band that accompanied such high flyers as Paul Weller, Noel Gallagher, Ian McLagan and more. As if that wasn’t enough, on the strength of that gig Dean was approached by Jerry Shirley to join a recently re-formed Humble Pie for a mini-tour of the UK. Now this really was living the dream. Not only was Dean meeting his boyhood heroes, he’s being invited to play with them! Although the tour was short Deano became particularly close to bass player Greg Ridley and was to form Greg Ridley’s Humble Pie with him, but not before a brief spell with Steve Marriott’s son Toby in an outfit called Grand Society and a spell playing with ex-Faces drummer Kenney Jones new band. “Playing ….Won’t Get Fooled Again… on Hammond wasn’t for me” quotes Dean.

Greg had moved to Spain and unbeknown to most was suffering from throat cancer. After a quarter of a century in musical retirement he was raring to hit the road again and the first person recruited was our Dean. It was a gutsy line-up that also featured Dean’s pal Karl Randall on drums. The future looked bright with an American tour and a recording contract lined up. In September 2003 the band played at the Small Faces Convention in London. After a short, but breathtaking, set Greg left the stage to tumultuous applause with the words “ See you again next year”. Sadly he died just six weeks later. Dean (as was I) was totally shattered by Greg’s demise and I’m sure many tears were shed. It was as bigger blow as Dean had ever suffered during his short but eventful career but it was onwards and upwards, as Greg would have wanted. A gig at the Royal Albert Hall alongside Pete Townshend, Ronnie Wood and Paul Weller in memory of the late, great Ronnie Lane helped lift Dean’s spirits.

Since that concert, in April 2004, Dean has continued playing with his soul brothers, 17Black. He’s also been in AC/DC’s studio in London with Iron Maiden’s Adrian Smith, Bad Company’s Dave “Bucket” Colwell, Todd Zuckerman and Foreigner’s Rick Wills. Greg Ridley had written some lyrics just before he died and Greg’s widow, Patti, had asked Dean and Bucket to write the music. This was the ultimate honour for Dean and the end result turned out to be a fine example of “Greg Rock”. “Live To Learn” by Ridley, Rees and Colwell…listen out for it. Early 2005 saw Dean’s involvement with the Mod Aid 20 charity single release, by Biff Bang Pow Records. There’s a great video lurking somewhere with Deano rubbing shoulders with the likes of Ronnie Wood, PP Arnold and Chris Farlowe.

Later in the year Dean and drummer Karl Randall were approached by another of Dean’s Rock and Roll idol’s Del Bronham with the words “ Dya fancy joining Stray? Apparently Del had first spotted Dean playing with Humble Pie a few years previous and was duly impressed. Anyway Stray it was and they’re currently touring. Watch out for ‘em!

Spurred on by a message from a medium, of the spiritual kind, both Greg Ridley and Steve Marriott told Dean to concentrate on his own material rather than covering other peoples. This debut solo album is mighty impressive and is surely just the beginning of a long and successful career and when he’s sitting up there on the top of the tree just remember who told you about him first.

To Dean I offer my utmost admiration, not only as a fine muso, vocalist and songwriter but also as a genuine, down to earth guy and believe me there aren’t too many of those in this business.


Dean's site

Buy the record & Listen ALL the songs at cd baby's site


Hair(s) Not the musical!

Post of the month on Fred's Blog?

But on Fredd's one, follow the link, an amazing ultra rare french TV shot converted from VHS to an .avi file. ;) Thanx a lot Fred! Check his blog, it's great every time he posts something! :) I really don't think he should stop to inform us...


Another Flav's discover. Thanx the cap! Tim Rogers.

this version was suggested me by a guy replying to my Weller 'Tin
Soldier' video on youtube. taken from an australian tv show. worth a

cheers the cap

Later With Jools: chose your artwork! Marco's one!

Billy Bragg - LIVE at KCRW!

Brutha Yann...Thought you and your readers might enjoy this. Another stellar performance from Billy Bragg appearing on Morning Becomes Eclectic yesterday, June 9 at KCRW in the USA.

"It's the eclectic bit I'm easy with. The morning bit sometimes..."

Peace and SOUL,

"I love Billy Bragg. He's genuine, he really means what he says. It is a great pity he's not Prime Minister." PAUL WELLER

Later With Jools (artwork by Manu).

1. 22 Dreams
2. Push It Along
3. Have You Made Up Your Mind
Manu's artwork and Sir Billy Bubbles upload


Number One

Weller lands best first-week sales since Stanley Road

Leadership of the albums chart changes for the 10th week in a row, with Paul Weller the latest artist through the ever-revolving door, debuting in pole position with his ninth solo studio album (15th, including compilations and live discs), 22 Dreams.

It is the third number one solo album for Weller, who turned 50 a couple of weeks ago, following 1995’s Stanley Road, which achieved first-week sales of 62,603; and 2002’s Illumination (54,283). His 2004 covers album Studio 150 was also on schedule to debut at number one but slipped to number two at the last moment, with first-week sales of 52,335. His last studio album As Is Now opened at number four in 2003, with sales of 43,094. 22 Dreams scores his second best first week tally (after Stanley Road), opening with 58,924 sales.

Hugh Cornwell's new LP for free here.


Thank you Mike! :)