Number One

Weller lands best first-week sales since Stanley Road

Leadership of the albums chart changes for the 10th week in a row, with Paul Weller the latest artist through the ever-revolving door, debuting in pole position with his ninth solo studio album (15th, including compilations and live discs), 22 Dreams.

It is the third number one solo album for Weller, who turned 50 a couple of weeks ago, following 1995’s Stanley Road, which achieved first-week sales of 62,603; and 2002’s Illumination (54,283). His 2004 covers album Studio 150 was also on schedule to debut at number one but slipped to number two at the last moment, with first-week sales of 52,335. His last studio album As Is Now opened at number four in 2003, with sales of 43,094. 22 Dreams scores his second best first week tally (after Stanley Road), opening with 58,924 sales.

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