Sweet Felicity Arkwright, volume two!

Hey, many questions around Dean and SFA. Actually Dean heard about the post and he told me the inside truth.

There is some confusion on the CD and the band. Officially The band is called SWEET FELICITY ARKWRIGHT, and this is our first album(self titled).
Little story, I had an american agent and he thought it would be better to name the band Dean Rees band and SFA as THE ALBUM TITLE!!"

The band is currently recording an EP follow up of their self titled album 'SWEET FELICITY ARKWRIGHT'. The lineup consists of Dean Rees on Hammond Organ and Lead vocals, Nick Prince, Mollie Marriott,

Lee devine on Backing and Lead Vocals, Stefan John on Guitar, Lee Alloway on Drums and two guest Bass Players, Rob Butterfield and Ben Swidenbank. The band is an eclectic band of session musicians who are experienced from sounds of old/new and creating a new groove for today, Fresh and Groovy with a touch of Heavy! The History of the band from whom they have worked with is to say some what of a Rock'n'Roll Hall of fame, From Steve Marriott, Ronnie Wood, Pete Townshend right through to the Godfather of soul James Brown. They have worked with the greatest and now they wanna do their own thang!
Please enjoy the free samples on myspace and get down and dirty with Sweet Felicity Arkwright, coming to a venue near you soon.

Listen the samples here: Sweet Felicity Arkwright myspace

YUMMY! author: Fred Ah, for the days of gritty British blues bands, when Humble Pie and its like walked the earth. We can't bring them back but this CD gives you the best of what's available today. Crack musicianship that will leave you bopping. Heartily recommended!

Real soul, real rock, real Hammond author: Adam S. Leslie This man is a keyboard genius, and a top-grade singer and songwriter. This is proper old-school Hammond soul-rock. Want a successor to Three Dog Night, Bad Company or Humble Pie? Fed up of your heroes selling out with synths? This is the place to come. It's not just Hammond nostalgia, though. There's some real songwriting in here too. Smilin' Joe is horribly catchy - are ya feelin' all right? - and tracks like The Blacksmith, Slide Rider and especially What's Going Down (my personal favourite) are more than the real deal. There are touches of psychedelic melody in here too - all the influences are mixed into a glorious whole. It's both authentic-sounding Americana and very very English. And it's a lot of fun too. This isn't a band which takes itself too seriously, as Dean's bawled Cockney intro to the 1970s cop show theme style Soul Patch and the chuckling at the very end of the album demostrates. I've no doubt a splendid time was had by all during the recording of the is LP, with Dean as the charismatic MC.

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