My Never changing mood.

Well, I'm gonna mark exams papers in the 15 next days and "face to face" exams, so I won't have much time. Will slow down on the blog a bit (I've some post in the cellars don't worry) and once, again: 0 comments, a very few thanx for designers, uploaders, not even a way to talk with someone about music. Should launch a magazine with fellow buddies and publish it a monthly way! I admit I had a bunch of thanx a week or two ago. Just tired and really busy by work! :)
See you as soon as possible. Enjoy all the music available.


sidollie said...

yann, marking exam papers?! you have my sympathy....andy...

paulvcarnall said...

hi yann,
dont be to grumpy marking them kids exam papers as their marks may suffer!!!!
ha ha ha!!!
thanks for all the hard work on this one of a kind glorius blog!!!
keep the faith!!!
all the best,

Yann said...

Still have the faith but sometimes I can't work two or three hours with no feedback at all and I'm in a hard working time. A little bit rest and I 'll be back in a good shape! :)

All the best to the gentlemen and the ladies around here. Leechers...


cascatino said...

bbbbb-bass player!
Me too! ...well I have a bass guitar but didn't play it for a loong time!

Yann, allways the best wishes for you.