Pacific Ocean Blue reissue. (The John's interview, extended version).

John "Science" Hellier told us (check the interview) than Paul listens this record these days and than it was an influence for 22 Dreams (fifth song of Dennis' Lp is "the dreamer")

Dennis Wilson's Holy Man

"Dennis Wilson was the bad boy of the Beach Boys and his album Pacific Ocean Blue is regarded by many to be a long lost classic. Sony BMG reissued the record this week, along with material from Bambu, a project Wilson never completed before his death in 1983. For the reissue, Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins added vocals to Holy Man, a Wilson instrumental. This is the video premiere, featuring previously unseen footage of the former Beach Boy."

Check the video

Amazon.co.uk Review (Not an ad...)
Apart from the non-release of Smile, the biggest lament of hardcore Beach Boys fans is that Bruce Johnston aside, none of the non-Brian Wilson solo albums are available on CD. But now, for fans of late drummer Dennis Wilson, there's reason to celebrate as his only-released solo album gets the reissue it deserves. Widely acknowledged as the finest Beach Boys solo effort, it's now presented with clarity, allowing the full sonic palette--the punch of opening "River Song" for example--to be heard in its intended glory. Wilson's raspy vocal may have been past its prime, but it's still affecting and ably supported by the sumptuous production values he gave the album. With high quality tracks such as the funky "Dreamer" and the poignant "Farewell My Friend", this will appeal to anyone with even a passing interest in The Beach Boys, as well as a delight for hardcore fans as the unreleased tracks (from the unfinished follow-up Bambu), easily match the original's quality.
While the disappointing absence of earlier singles ("Lady" or "Sound of Free") prevents this from being a definitive career anthology, this is as essential a Beach Boys artefact as Pet Sounds or Sunflower/Surf's Up. -–Thom Allott
Thanx, once again, to Simon Franklin.


Rediffusion said...

A few years ago paulweller.com asked for suggestions for his forthcoming covers album [Studio 150]. I emailed asking for River Song by Dennis Wilson as I thought it would suit Paul. I got an email from Nicky Weller thanking me for the suggestion but I guess it never made the cut. A shame really as I wasn't too keen on Paul's choices for that album. I found them a bit too predictable and not a patch on the originals.

HeavySoulBrutha DaveB. said...

Will definitely check out this record. That video is GREAT!!

Peace and SOUL,