BBC Jewels: Faces at the Beeb! Audio FM sound AND video. Artwork by Manu and more shows to come.

BBC Crown Jewels Faces Part One
BBC Crown Jewels Faces Part Two

(Splitted archive, so you have to wait to have the both parts to unrar. The second one is very very light, 623 kb, don't worry). Enjoy! The Faces at their best!

Well, don't know why but each time I upload the two parts of the video, it becomes the same... on Sendspace. Will reupload it asap for the third time!


Yann said...

No comments for the great Faces??? Shame on you! :)

MartinV said...

I'm bussy. I can't download anytime.
But now I have a comments:

Thanks for the dowload.

The Video links for both parts are the same. Can you correct it please?

thanks in advance

best wishes

MartinV said...

it seems that the audio is a little bit mixed! Track 2 is very short and only the speach for the second song! on the cover it says that there are 8 tracks and if the 2 track is only the introducing of track 3 which is the real song 2 (Maybe I'm Amazed).....
I'm a little bit confused

best wishes