Dot Allison and Paul Weller, courtesy of Brighton' Mike.

An exclusive song and a podcast about her career .. 23 minutes into podcast she talks about Weller and Love's Got Me Crazy

Love's got me crazy
Haunted and aching
You can find it a shock
To know that you've arrived
Such a precious event
You know how hard to acquire it..

Black clouds I can't see them
Darkness has no home tonight
All that is said that is not a given
We're going to try, we're going to try

Love's got me crazy
Haunted and aching

Steady as rocks
Two halves of one we cling
Ready or not
Who knows what life will bring..

Love's got you crazy
True love can take it..

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Love’s Got Me Crazy is the delightful acoustic ballad that has Allison and Weller in perfect unison, while it’s lead very much by the Modfather, it wouldn’t be the same track without the softer and more gentle female vocal provided by Allison. A good sign for the new album and a great single in it’s own right, it’s out now

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