Japanese Jam!

Hi Gang, I'm still without connection (I know it's unbelievable...Three weeks) and I try to do my best to feed the blog but there's many fonctions I can't access here due to professional restrictions... So here is a boot of The Jam in Japan. Don't know where it comes from, It's our good fellow Ian S. who gave it to me. So thanx very much!

PS: Actually, it comes from Gobshyte's blog, check the comments and you'll know everything about the truth! :)


David said...

Hi Yann , I think this is the gig from Nakano Sun Plaza 16/5/81 , cheers Dave S

gobshyte said...

hi guys.i posted it on www.mondo-de-muebles.blogspot.com first.
i know cos thats the artwork i did for it.glad you like it enough to re-post it.i have more jam shows on my blog which you can repost here if you want.just paste the link if you want to use any.theres quite a few so hopefully youll find some you like.

N.D. said...

Muchas gracias, amigo!!

Yann said...

Thanx a lot to Gobshyte. Didn't remember it was from your site, I'm sorry. Best!:

Ian S said...

Some great Clash stuff at mondo-de-muebles as well. Go there !

MartinV said...

thanks for the download and thanks to gobshyte for your blog...:-)

best wishes