Melody Gardot (the Mod Club). Thanx to Mike.

"EDITOR'S PICK ON CDBABY.COM"- Sleepy, sultry, brings to mind the jazz/pop hybrid of Norah Jones.....enriched with sophisticated jazz harmonies, Melody Gardot delivers some beautifully smokey songs....One very nice album here.

"BOLD & STRIKING MUSIC" -It's a trick of alchemy that awful pain and uncertainty can give rise to such bold and striking music. - City Paper Philadelphia

"TRULY IMPECCABLE" -Melody has overcome a great obstacle in her life; a terrible accident in which a car hit her on her bicycle leaving numerous serious injuries which she is still coping with to this day. Her CD was recorded bedside while still recovering. If this isn't the most passionate display of an artist in love with their craft I don't know what is.- IAC Radio

"Oh, my my. You only get one life, but it aint no life at all unless you download this and fall instantly in love with it" (Brigthon Wizard)

Check her myspace and listen the complete LP.

All infos on her website

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Anonymous said...

I inmediatelly fall in love with her songs....i can not understand why but this feeling is amazing....I hope to hear more soon....