Ray Davies New York Official and legal bootleg, cut version.

The Ray Davies' gig has been my favourite 2009's gig, Birmingham Symphony Hall and a real magic emotion. All and everything provided by Simon... So this one is from New York. It was a legally downloadable huge file. I've worked on it and I've tried to cut the tracks as clean as possible. Ray's humour between songs is very fun but sometimes, I just want to hear the songs or one special songs. So DL it and chose the way you want to hear it. Don't forget to burn with the no space between tracks if you burn it. Enjoy, It's magic. Will ask Manu a proper cover.


Ray said...

Thank you, the sound is excellent and Ray Davies too !
It would be too bad and less magical to leave blanks between the tracks for sure !

Leonard Zelig said...

Thanks a million. It's a great show. Very surprising, indeed, but really beautiful. The choir is such a brilliant idea... Merci beaucoup, Yann. Enjoy your holidays.

Yann said...

Hey Leonard, you look a bit like Paul Weller today. What will be your next identity? ;)

MartinV said...

thanks Yann.

Best wishes