Lauren Pritchard (she sings "How sweet..." on BBC Session with Paul).

When The Night Kills The Day


"WTNKTD" feat. Marcus and Ted Mumford Ed Harcourt

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Once upon a time there was a girl called Lauren. She lived in grassy, green Madison County, Tennessee where people are as sweet as the tea they make. She'd sing songs in her yard and run around with ballerinas, big kitty cats and her brothers all the livelong day. One winter evening Lauren decided she wanted a change of scenery. She wanted to leave her comfortable grasslands and start a joyride. She traveled far to La La land and danced with the faeries in Beverly Hills, all the while humming along to Bob Marley and playing pianos. Then Lauren ventured to Gotham City(out of a pure and deep love for Batman)to take to the stages of the great White Way as a long-haired bohemian. Now 6 years, 5 tattoos, 4 electric tea kettles, 3 cities, 2 tours and 1 Nord keyboard later, she's in the bushes with the shepherds of London, singing of her homeland with the Lolo Army ready for the next round of life attacks. Lauren knows life is first-rate come what may. The End.

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Ian said...

She's got a great voice ! I'm not keen on PW's version of "how sweet " tho'. Its a song of joyous, celebration and he has taken it way down.