Eli Paperboy Reed, Aéronef, Lille. 30 April.

Just back from the gig, in a very small venue, the Aeronef Club. When I came to the venue couldn't bellieve it wasn't in the main venue but in the club! Where were you frenchies? Did you really need to prove we are not a groovy soul people at all?

Eli Paperboy Reed played the game 100 % and he’s not fake at all. He plays with a smokin’ ace gang! Three pieces Brass section, cool cat on bass, two guitars including his (he has a very special style, playing with a thumb pick). It was great and he's been very cool with the audience. I do like that kind of attitude. 150 people? No problems, we'll do it as in Wembley. It’s exactly the band you can see on his youtube video except the white guy on Tenor saxophone, he wasn’t there. It’s even the Eli's guitar, an old Hollow body Gibson with a very special sound, very warm . Believe me, I was at the first row, she's not a last year lady!

Of course, Sam Cooke was also there and his ghost was floating everywhere around. It's the limit of the genre when you want to play so vintage. Hard to be back in 1963 and it wasn't exactly the Harlem's Apollo. A guy shouted "You're Sam Cooke" and he smiled a bit sadly to answer "No Man, I'm not"... even if he sang Twistin the night away. By the way, you should listen the Shake Stevie Marriott's version on Lend us a Quid and you'll enjoy it for sure. Another ace shot from the Man...

But Anyway, what's really new & absolutely unheard in music today? Did Amy Winehouse did somethin' else than a genre LP?

They’re really a gang and you can feel the pleasure they have to play together. Maybe does he abuse of his famous “waaaaaaaaaa” thing but it was a very live show and he’s got the Soul thing for sure! They can cut and came back all together in same drum beat as much as the boss needs. A very tight gang, knowing all the soul bands' secrets. Of course you can easily think to the Dap Kings, it's the same vintage soul school. It was also fantastic to hear a real horn sections with a Barytone saxophone, it wasn't played on keyboards by JB, the master of ceremony.

The temperature was very hot at the end of the gig. From a pretty small crowd he made a real group in almost two hours of show and we clapped hands and sang with him, he had that sense of communion with his audience and he feels how lucky he is to play live. The band is really backing him up and they play an instrumental "crack symphony" without Eli and before a solo performance which was excellent. Timing, cohesion, Killers' gang. ;)

Five minutes after the show he was a the very tiny bar to sign and discuss with people. Many people bought the first and the new LP, probably they were there to see the new soul phenomemon whithout knowing him! Will never understand... I’ve told him all the Mods tribe was waiting for him in England! Don' make me a liar people!

Actually it was exactly what I was expected from that kind of soul show, no more no less! I went outdoor with a Boom Boom feeling and life was very soulful... Nice!

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