The Universal, Can't miss them...

"Sharp dressing Liverpool band The Universal are set to announce their exciting arrival on musical radars up and down the UK with the imminent release of their self-titled debut album on May 17th through Diffusion Music".

Guitarist and songwriter Terry Shaughnessy`s band The Universal cannot escape without brandishing an iconic image associated with a primary British sub-culture. The `Weller` comparisons will of course be expected, almost meticulously encouraged for a wider audience. I`m sure Shaughnessy`s choice of essentially working-class Britpop heroes and similar guitar based genres spanning nearly five decades is the clear reason The Universal are emerging as a formidable line-up. The ten track debut has incredible production, the final mixing is daringly energetic and while not being creatively overbearing, the band`s melodic tightness shines through. Pushing forward the classic guitar/bass formulation, a treat for us power-pop heads and British rock provisionals, fabulous chorus fills and percussion work-outs, we would be truly justified in saying it`s no longer grim up North.

"With these influences in mind, The Universal tip their collective hat with wide-eyed appreciation towards a glorious musical past yet add a uniquely modern edge to a guitar style that will never go out of fashion".

"As a calling card, debut single `Day In, Day Out` is a two and a half minute blast which resurrects the soulful attack of The Kinks and The Jam, but which knocks aggressively on the door of the 21st century’s second decade".

No buying links sent to me as yet, but with over twenty confirmed shows listed and heightened press interest around the debut single and album release, we should have more news soon. Learn More

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