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Part one of Qthemusic.com's exclusive interview with Paul Weller to talk about his tenth solo album, Wake Up The Nation finds the Modfather in good spirits, talking about the way he and Simon Dine approached it, railing against reality TV/X Factor and politicians aswell as telling us how he ended up collaborating on two tracks with Bruce Foxton, the former bassist in the Jam.

It's Paul Weller Week on Qthemusic.com this week...

Paul Weller interview - part 2. Paul on his father, his next album and the demise of Oasis.

Q: It was quite an unplanned album wasn't it?
Paul Weller:
It was yeah, it was only when Simon Dine who produced it and co-wrote all the songs sent me down a cd of 10 different ideas which were very short, almost like sort of mood pieces really, and I just got really excited and straight away I could hear an album on that. We went in the studio for two or three days and came out with eight different ideas, not fully formed but getting there, and it just sort of rolled from that.

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