Matt Deighton and Bill Fay, part two.

On his lp Wake up the Moths, Matt covered three Bill Fay's songs: Release is the eye, Til the Christ come back, I hear you calling (2005). As as solo artist, Matt Deighton is to re discover for sure.

Matt Deighton's first solo album, Villager (Focus; 1995) is fantastic. It is a folksy-jazzier affair, that sees Deighton combing his lyrical poetry with acoustic instrumentation to produce an album that is similar in many ways to the recent work of Terry Callier. "Good For Us," "Get Out The Road," "Jesus Loves The Rain," and "Pure English Honey" are all stellar tracks that would anyone's summer Sundays a real delight.

Soft spoken, understated and under appreciated, Matt Deighon continues to record sporadically. His most recent album, Part Of Your Life (50:50) is another acoustic gem. I have tried to hunt down the psychical CD but have had zero luck. I finally decided to break down and buy the digital version. I still completely satisfied but would love to find the actually CD. That's just the collector in me. Matt Deighton has recorded five solo albums since '95 and all of them are quite good. A real undiscovered soul-jazz artist you should definitely check out.

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