It Was Thirty Year Ago Today: The Jam’s Last Stand. Posted in Apocalypse, Music, The Jam on December 11, 2012

Last Saturday, December 8, someone tweeted me to observe that it was thirty years to the day since they had seen my old band, Apocalypse, open for the Jam at Stafford Bingley Hall. This made me realize:
a) that they were paying a lot more attention to such anniversaries than I was, and that
b) in that case, it could only be a couple of days until we would be commemorating thirty years since the Jam’s final show, at Brighton Conference Centre.
That concert took place on December 11, 1982, and Apocalypse were once again the support act – the Jam’s last ever support act, in fact. It was a strange night all around, as this account I gave for Steve Malins’Paul Weller biography back in 1996, should make clear:

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