The Who, 2005, With Steve White on Drums and Damon Minchella on Bass.

Live 8 in 2005 was a case in point. When he and Steve White backed The Who, playing a two-song 15-minute set to a Hyde Park crowd which had fallen asleep standing up, the air thrummed with electricity.
The Who, White and Minchella had rehearsed for an hour the day before. 'We played Who Are You? and Won't Get Fooled Again twice, and Pete [Townshend] said "That'll do, see you tomorrow".
'Just before we were going on, Steve [White] said "If we fuck this up, our careers are over". I was able to say through the nerves "This is actually quite silly". It's healthy to take everything with a pinch of salt. But the beer afterwards was the best I'd ever tasted.'

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