George Martin: "Andy Leek (former Dexy's) is one of the most talented artists I have ever produced"...

Andy became a member of iconic 80’s band Dexy's Midnight Runners from the ripe age of 16; having already played on Radio 1 twice in sessions with John Peel and on Radio 2’s live ‘in’ concert. Andy played on the No 1 Hit "Geno" and on the album “Searching for the Young Song Rebels” at the beginning of his journey. 

Since leaving the band, his solo career has blossomed with the displays of his talents – his flair for writing songs is evident by him writing for the likes of Tom Jones and Frida (from Abba) “Twist in the Dark” (1984) was the track off the album “Shine”, that, arguably, gave Frida her greatest artistic success after leaving ABBA.

Jeff Wall (Caught in the Act) said “Say Something” was a “pearl hidden on the floor of the black ocean”, as its exciting production- uniting talents Andy Leek and producer Sir George Martin- was brushed under the carpet at the time, drowning in an influx of Britpop and synthesisers, and for twenty years, was consigned to lie in a publishers loft. But, since then, Say Something has been dug out by many willing enthusiasts, with offers to re-master the timeless tracks. 

The renewed album includes two remixes by hot U.K producer Rachel James, brand new songs: “All Around the World” and “So Blind” plus an exclusive interview with George Martin himself on why he produced the album. As well as impressing industry legends, like Jools Holland,  with his “undiscovered classic”, Andy has established his appeal to the masses through his meaningful melodies and lyrics: During the civil war in Beirut in 1990, the title track “Say Something” became not only Number 1 in the top 100 songs of that year, but also an anthem of inspiration to the people during their hardships.

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