Bakers Dozen: Liam Gallagher and Andy Bell's 13 Favourite Albums (MikeC)

Sound affects:

Liam: A top Album, innit? Andy Bell: It's got "Start" and "Entertainment" on it, the lyrics to that are still so pertinent and Arctic Monkeys are doing that kind of social observation, That's their shit now, isnt'it?

22 Dreams, Andy Bell:
For us, it's Weller's best album in years. We haven't actually sat down and listened to Wake Up the Nation because he came out with it too quickly. This is a great record to listen to and depsite being a double; it doesn't feel long at all.

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Anonymous said...

the guys have good taste, i've got them all except the Bee Gee's and Simon & Art Garf.
or have i got good taste?? :)