'Dead Man's Suit' - Jon Allen (Official Video)

It's a Mike Cobley's recommendation, don't ignore it! :)

Industry Suits Have To Learn That Sometimes Old Fashioned Grafting Pays The Biggest Dividends

Today's big new pop stars seem to appear like white dwarves, burning fast and hot only to cool too soon to invisibility.

If the industry suits were buttoned-up with any sense then they'd let some artists exist under the radar and orbit like a satellite of greater, older artists, bathing in the glow that they still radiate.

That's how Jon Allen sees himself; a live performer who has remained true to the philosophy of old fashioned grafting which seems to be paying off as there is rarely a week when he doesn't get a request to perform.

Allen has even found himself with the odd celebrity admirer; Holland's biggest film star Carice Van Houten discovered his music and began twittering his praises to her many followers helping make him a household name in the territory. (Mike C, to be continued here)

Good to be back. ;)

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