A new series on the blog: The Top Tens. First guest: Mark Baxter.

Mark is the fantastic Connett's manager, author of The Mumper, the great book he wrote with Paolo Hewitt, Believe me, I'm reading it, it's really great and funny. Check the reviews at the end of this post... You can find it on Amazon, order it to Mono Media, it's the Mark's book supplier. Top tens is cool for sundays! You can drift along the books, music, etc...

Absolute Beginners - Colin McInnes
Kestrel for a Knave - Barry Hines
Lonely Londoners - Sam Selveon
Nick Drake - Patrick Humphries
Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite - Paul Arden
An Affectionate Punch - Justin de Villeneuve
Black and White Memories - David Bailey
Damned Utd - David Peace
Today There Are No Gentlemen - Nik Cohn
The Cover Art of Blue Note Records - Marsh/Callingham/Crowley

Albums/Singles Made To Love Magic - Nick Drake Wee Small Hours - Frank Sinatra Soul '69 - Aretha Franklin Innervisions - Stevie Wonder All Mod Cons - The Jam Cleopatra - Paul Horn Sings The Winners - Anita O'Day Nobodys Fool - Cold Turkey Roxette - Dr Feelgood Three Button Hand Me Down - The Faces

The Sting
Rocco and his Brothers
This Happy Breed
Elephant Man
To Love a Proper Stranger
Thomas Crown Affair (original)
Sexy Beast
The Small World of Sammy Lee

The Mumper - Reviewed by Scootering Magazine Mark Baxter and Paolo Hewitt
Seven close friends, aka The Jolly Boys, during one of their religious like Sunday afternoon sessions are offered ownership of a racehorse. Following contributing factors and a bit of thought they decide to give it a go. Set in the 80’s with a backdrop that captures the political nature of the times, the interactive laddish banter, genuine working class humour and quips shot from the lip make The Mumper a tale that appeals to the British male. Many of the Jolly Boys, with an age range that spans several generations, have an obsession with clothes. Original mod’s, through to 80’s revivalists, as well as those who’s satirical ideas of style pre-date the 60’s originals, attention to detail of who is wearing what, gives the story a subliminal mod inclined leaning. Without blowing the plot, a pair of distinctive shoes have a bearing on the outcome. Highly amusing, very entertaining,with interactions between characters that most males can empathise, sympathise and relate to, The Mumper would, could and indeed should be adapted for a visual format, be it big screen or DVD. Simply, The Mumper has all prerequisites to become a 21st century style Ealing comedy with a dash of Only Fools and Horses for good measure.

Available mail order, £9.99rrp, visit www.lulu.com / mono_media@hotmail.com or via good bookshops.

The Mumper 31 oct 2007 (mis à jour 26 déc 2007) par Mark Baxter
"Its a funny, moving, lyrical account beautifully written in the argot of south east London. MAGNIFICENT ... really fabulous stuff, brilliantly written and completely captivating.I can't recommend it highly enough." Matthew Norman - London Evening Standard

"It's the Red Rum of READS!" Gary Crowley DJ and Broadcaster

"An Ealing comedy for the 21st Century" Martin Freeman - Actor

"As a north London boy I was a little concerned about taking an adventure over the water, but The Mumper was a truly enjoyable journey into the heart of the deep south." Robert Elms - BBC London 94.9 fm

"It's cracking read. I can heartily recommend The Mumper. Set in South East London in the 1980s, it's the rib-tickling tale of seven mates and a race-horse. It’s funny, well-paced and speckled with authentic London lingo. A small joy." Garry Bushell The Daily Star

"It's original, funny and moving and the period detail from the dark days of Thatcher's Britain is spot on. Also, the dialogue is sharper than the creases on a pair of sta-pressed Farahs". Ian Moore,Comedian, Writer, Chutney-Maker, Mod.

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