Back with Connett!

Hi Gang, back yesterday... had time to think and to take care of my twins, Ronnie and Stevie are groovin' high now and I need more time than three months ago when they slept 16 hours a day... Will post when I can this year... Probably not at the same rythm, maybe twice a week or something. We'll share soon some goodies, Jeff Slate's Liverpool performances, exclusive interview (a song by song one) of Connett, Lou's LP, Andy's LP, The new records of the month (Arctic Monkeys, Brendan Benson, Cornershop, etc...), will try to open the blog wider, I've also a touch to get a Yolanda Charles Interview and a Little Barrie's one about their Weller's collaborations... Of course and a not to be missed, the Small Faces Convention and the new Wapping Wharf Issue! Nice!


Darryl Sharpe said...

Good to have you back, hope you had a great holiday. I understand the time issue, I've got an 8mo. old...it's starting to get crazy!

Anonymous said...

welcome back!!!
missed you!!!