Magicbus on Guitars 101 forum.

Hey Man (magicbus on the Guitars 101 forum)

Not really fair to take our work and post it on the guitar 101 forum without just a word to ask it. I've never seen you in the d.box to thanx Dave, Marco, Manu or me. Write me please... You just have to copy the url rapidshare adress and you don't even give the blogs' adress, not so cool. To be a mod is also an attitude, I think, not a moral lesson but I don't like the way you do it. I use Marco's and Manu's covers but they're alright, I've asked them, etc. D'ya see what I mean? Actually you can do it, it's just the way you did I don't really appreciate...

I'm sure you're gonna have the right reaction.

All the best.

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