Minister of Soul.

You probably remember than our beloved Joe Strummer created an imaginary government and the minister of Soul was, of course, Paul Weller. It's a home made comp' because I just wanted to hear on a single cd Paul Weller as the soulman he has always been. Marco did this great cover and I DO thank him, he worked hard to improve it and I've bugged him with many details! Thanx a lot, Marco. This comp' is not perfect, there's other songs, other versions, I know. I made it with heart. Will try to have a "soul section", helped by Brutha' Dave in the next videos (Edwin Starr played for Jools...) Maximum Respect for all the flame keepers of soul!

To speak like heavysoulbrutha'Dave, Peace and SOUL! Enjoy.

Joe Strummer's Minister of soul download link

alternate link


HeavySoulBrutha DaveB. said...

This is ACE Yann!!!!!! Nice One!!!

Peace and SOUL,

MartinV said...

Soul Soul Soul Soul Soul Soul Soul

thanks for this great selection and also thanks to marco for the cover.
hope there come more!

best wishes

Soul Soul Soul Soul Soul Soul Soul

sidollie said...

this is a great soul compilation yann! and, once again, thanks to marco for the covers. andy.

grassman said...

Many thanks for yet another top comp.