The First solo gig, Dingwalls 1990

Remember how we started... Paul, live in 1990. The first gig. Enjoy! :)


sidollie said...

wow! i've never heard this before. cheers!

Yann said...

Thanx a lot! :) All the best. Check the survey and vote! :)

Bookertmgs1 said...

Thanks Yann
Never heard this before

daysofspeed said...

Have you got a live link to this at all?

I was at teh gig and would love this to listen to!

Yann said...

Hey, write me offblog. yviseur@free.fr

pete said...

never heard of this one, is there a link elsewhere for it, as the one on the page has expired

Yann said...

write me there Pete yviseur@free.fr

mick said...

hi, ive tried to download the link is dead,i also tried to contact by address given on comments ,no luck either.would really like a copy of this gig.cheers mick.
weller forever

YV said...

Mick, send me your private mail adress.

mike said...

hi many thanks for replying to my request for dingwalls,
my e-mail address
many thanks for this its much appreciated.
all the best mike

mick said...

hi yann, once again many thanks for re uploading this iconic gig from the great paul weller,i didnt know he played this gig.keep up the outstanding work you are doing.
its much appreciated by all true weller fans.
all the best mick