Ads or not ads?

Hi Splinters,

As you know, it is a completely free area and i do NOT sell anything. But to have a permanent rapidshare account, a bigger capacity to upload videos etc, I need to pay (60 euros a year). I've thought to the small ads by google but I don't like the idea that people may think i will make money with the blog... Well, I can even publish my adsgoogle account every month and give the difference to The teenage cancer trust association to be absolutely clear with it. The problem that every file will be deleted 90 days after the last dl and the upload capacity is limited too. So I can also think than if it's dead since 90 days, nobody really needs it anymore. Don't know. Give me your precious advices, Splinters from every country! :) I will take two minutes to think about it but what You think? Will add a survey on the right...

All the best! :)

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mikereynolds said...

If ads help finance the site, then I cannot see anyone objecting to them being there. There is another site 'ocs' that all he asks is that you click on an ad so that he earns revenue to keep it going. It takes all of two seconds to do - which is hardly a hassle. You are putting up some incredible things on here and I for one wouldn't mind 'a couple of clicks' to help out. We are getting so much out of the site after all. Spreading music around the globe. Keep up your brilliant work and whatever you decide - ad or no ad - its fne by me