The Butterfly collector Bootleg.

Some splinters had some problems to DL the Butterfly Collector Bootleg from Megaupload. I've dl it and reupload to rapidshare. Thanx to Chipo007 who uploaded it first.

Note: The Source of this recording is believed to be at an unknown venue in Nov 1979
by some collectors, but others believe it to be The Palladium Theatre, New York 28.2.80

Title: ( The Butterfly Collector )
Format: CD - R Total Time 64:08

1.Saturday's kids.
2.Burning sky.
3.Thick as thieves.
4.It's too bad.
5.The dreams of children.
6.Mr Clean.
7.The Butterfly collector.
8.Private hell.
9.Little boy soldiers.
10.Smithers Jones.
11.To be someone.
12.Eton Rifles.
13.Strange town.
14.When you're young.
15.Down in the Tubestation at midnight.
16.The place I love.
17.All mod cons.
18.David Watts.
19.A-Bomb in Wardour Street.

Cassette Tape - MD - CD-R Audio - MP3
MP3 320 Kbps

Sound Quality is pretty good
clear enough with no hiss

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