The Man in the Windy City. Radio Broadcast, 1992.

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The Man in the Windy City, Chicago. Dedicated to Lou for the town and to Dave for the soul spirit in this gig.

Bad sound in the very beginning of the show and it becomes better, with a real radio quality. The "Yeh" version is amazing and the band plays in a very soulful spirit. Jacko is on saxophone. "Round and Round" is awesome, too. The crowd is very enthusiastic. You can feel that the band and Paul had something to prove and to defend. Highly recommended. ;) "Man In The Cornershop, with a nice squeak to start, is dedicated to us... I mean the people who have been with Paul a long time! :) Very nice version of "Long Hot Summer," almost acapella at the end.

Very good gig. The perfect bridge between TSC and the second part of the solo era. Great!

Man in the windy city, part one, rapidshare
Man in the windy city, part two, rapidshare
part two, savefile, if you don't want to wait.

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MartinV said...

thanks for this great gig.

best wishes

cascatino said...

I'm waiting forward to hear this gig (actually I'm downloading it).
thx Yann and everyone contributing to this exquisite blog.