The Jam in Paris.

Very nice messages and I feel "up" again! Thank you mates!

Well, actually, when we listened the Jam in the early 80's, it was, in France, a well kept secret and we had maybe more pleasure to be the happy few, really. All started for me with the brass riff of Boy about town in a public Library. I was listening the record because a friend of mine bugged me with TheJamTheJamTheJam... and this riff crashed my head. I borrowed the record and when I went out, I didn't know it yet but my life was changed for ever! :) I found a style, a tribe, clothes, attitude, political views, etc.

Splendid art cover by Manu. Please, check his site and Thank him.

Manu Gomez mail

The Jam In Paris, Pavillon Baltard 1981 part one

The Jam In Paris, Pavillon Baltard 1981 part two

This one is dedicated to Jeff Knight, fellow soulseek sharer since months! :)

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G Magill said...

WOW - what a great Weller/Jam blog - thanks very much for this stuff - I have downloaded a few shows.

I saw Weller in LA Greek Theatre in 92 - brilliant show and then in The Ulster Hall in Belfast in 94/95 I think (Are there bootlegs of these??)- total legned that man just like this blog

Good Stuff!