More than 7000 connections! :)

"7000 connections yet, Paul!"
And everything began only three weeks ago! :) Thank you for visiting and Special thanx to Marco. He works a lot for the site to produce all these art covers. I have to say that I've never asked him to do it. Thanx to the sharers, Fred, Jean Christophe, Jan, etc.

Also thanks to Soulbrutha' Dave who has helped me build the blog!

Also, a very special Thanx to Elizabeth (you make me dizzy miss Lizzy!), she sent a wonderful message to me today! :)

All the best, see you soon! :)


MartinV said...


it is a great side with a lot of very good stuff.

so please keep going on with it - i love it and i need it :-)))

best wishes

sidollie said...

i agree. great site yann. keep up the good work!

HeavySoulBrutha DaveB. said...


You are as generous as you are prolific. Great work!!

Peace and SOUL,